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Susan Miller McClanhan1 (F)
d. 21 September 1874

     She married Peter Paul Rinker on 3 November 1867. Susan died on 21 September 1874. Died 6 days after the birth of her youngest child, Susan.. Her body was interred in September 1874 at Shenandoah Co., Virginia, at St. David's Church Cemetery.

Children of Susan Miller McClanhan and Peter Paul Rinker
Sarah Jane Rinker+ b. 26 Feb 1869, d. 15 Oct 1935
Mary Belle S. Rinker b. 26 Feb 1871, d. 1 May 1872
John Milton Rinker+ b. 24 Dec 1872, d. 6 Oct 1952
Susan F. Rinker b. 15 Sep 1874, d. 8 Apr 1885


  1. [S81] Rinker - Dellinger, Eleanor Rinker Migliore.

Samuel McClannahan (M)

     He married Harriet Horner.


Susan McClannahan1 (F)
b. 19 August 1837, d. 9 December 1911

     Susan was born on 19 August 1837. She married Benjamin Franklin Rinker on 22 October 1870. Susan died on 9 December 1911 at age 74. Her body was interred in December 1911 at Tom's Brook, Shenandoah Co., Virginia, at McClanahan Cemetery.

Children of Susan McClannahan and Benjamin Franklin Rinker
Hugh William Rinker+ b. 21 Jun 1872, d. 5 Apr 1924
Anna Laura Rinker b. 1878


  1. [S81] Rinker - Dellinger, Eleanor Rinker Migliore.

J. J. McClarkin Rev. (M)

     He married Louisa J. Ewing at Monroe Co., Indiana, on 5 April 1881.


Charles E. McClarren (M)
b. 18 October 1888

     Charles was born on 18 October 1888. He married Mamie Alice Lukehart.

Elaine Marie McClarren (F)
b. 25 August 1941, d. 4 July 1964

     Elaine was born on 25 August 1941. Elaine died on 4 July 1964 at age 22.

Oscar McClarren (M)

     Oscar McClarren married Ruth M. Bowman, daughter of Isaac Newport Bowman and Rachael Elizabeth Current.


Anna McClaskey (F)
b. circa 1883
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anna McClaskey was born circa 1883. She was the daughter of Patrick McClaskey. Anna McClaskey married Henry E. Dellinger, son of George Dellinger and Emaline Smith, circa 1912. Anna McClaskey was From an article in a 23 January 1917 York newspaper:


Mrs. Dellinger Maintains Her Composure in Jail - 'Another Man' in Case Unlikely


Because of the fact that Mrs. Harry Dellinger, the self-confessed murderess, has mentioned the Tracey murder case and was anxious to know how many years Mrs. Tracey served in the penitentiary for killing her husband, gives rise to the supposition in the minds of some people that there may have been 'another man' in the Dellinger murder case, as there was in the Tracey case. Detective Charles S. White has discovered no evidence to warrant that assumption except the woman's own declaration that her husband had accused her of infidelity: but the dectective is going to visit the scene of the murder, near The Brogue, again today and in addition to subpoenaieing witnesses he will look for new evidence in connection with the case. Mrs. Dellinger has asserted that no other man was in the house at the time she shot her husband.

In the meantime the publication of the story has revived recollections of by-gone days when the woman resided in this city and after she married Dellinger about five years ago. It is recalled that she once abondoned her baby. This child is now about three years old and is in the care of his grandparents near the Brogue. Yesterday a man who knows the family offered to adopt the boy.

Owing to the absence from the city yesterday of District Attorney Harvey A. Gross no effort was made to fix the time for the hearing, although it had been desired to hold it the latter part of this week. But Mr. Gross was absent and it could not be arranged. The hearing will in all likelihood take place early next week. The jail authorities last night said that Mrs. Dellinger continued to maintain her composure and that so far she has given them no trouble whatever. In fact, it is claimed that she does not act at all like a woman under the grave charge of murder."
On 23 January 1917 at York Co., Pennsylvania. She was New Tag I am uncertain as to who Mrs. Anna M. McCombs is, but it is remotely possible that she is Anna McClaskey, who at one time was married to Henry E. Dellinger and had at least two children with him: Clarence and Emaline, so tentatively I am placing this obituary under her.

Obituary from a 3 June 1935 York Co., Pennsylvania newspaper:

"Mrs. Anna M. McCombs

Mrs. Anna M. McCombs, of 522 West Grant street, Lancaster, died at St. Joseph's hospital there Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, of pneumonia. She was a member of Pentecostal church. She is survived by the following children: Ethel M. Gentzler, Miriam White, of Lancaster, and Clarence Dellinger, York county. The following sisters also survive: Mrs. Albert Gardner, Lancaster, and Mrs. Charles Spangler, York. Funeral services will be held from the home of her sister, Mrs. Gardner, 318 West Grant street, on Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, daylight saving time. Interment will be private in the Millersville Mennonite cemetery."
On 3 June 1935.


Children of Anna McClaskey and Henry E. Dellinger
Clarence E. Dellinger+ b. 16 Dec 1913, d. 24 Dec 1983
Emaline Dellinger b. 1916

Patrick McClaskey (M)


Child of Patrick McClaskey
Anna McClaskey+ b. c 1883

William McClean (M)
d. 4 July 1798

     He married Mary Spangler. William died on 4 July 1798.


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