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Mary E. McCollum (F)
b. circa 1880

     Mary E. McCollum was born circa 1880 at Madison Co., Ohio. She married Charles D. Wilson on 19 June 1901.


Children of Mary E. McCollum and Charles D. Wilson
Mary Wilson b. c 1902
Alice Wilson+

Nancy McCollum (F)

     Nancy McCollum married James Gregg.


Child of Nancy McCollum and James Gregg
Sarah Jane Gregg+ b. 28 Mar 1822

Margaret C. McComb (F)
b. 8 May 1827, d. 5 October 1868

     Margaret was born at South Carolina on 8 May 1827. She married Martin Knox at Lincoln Co., Arkansas, in 1849. Margaret died on 5 October 1868 at age 41. Her body was interred in October 1868 at Drew Co., Arkansas, at Mt. Zion Cemetery.


(?) McConnell (M)

     (?) McConnell married Lura Stipp, daughter of William Newton Stipp and Rebecca E. Anderson.


Esther McConnell1,2 (F)

     She married Thomas Myers.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.
  2. [S69] Henry George Dellinger, Randy Dellinger.

H. E. McConnell Dr. (M)
d. August 1918
Pop-up Pedigree

     H. E. McConnell Dr. was the son of John D. McConnell. He married Elizabeth Moffatt Simpson. H. died in August 1918.

Jane McConnell (F)

     Jane McConnell married Andrew Peden, son of Thomas Peden and Elizabeth White.


Child of Jane McConnell and Andrew Peden
Jane Peden b. 16 Dec 1815, d. 13 Oct 1893

John D. McConnell (M)

     He married an unknown person .

Child of John D. McConnell
H. E. McConnell Dr.+ d. Aug 1918

Lucy McConnell (F)

     Lucy McConnell married Luther Emanuel Keever, son of Jacob Keever and Viney Lucinda Helderman, on 16 January 1895.


Children of Lucy McConnell and Luther Emanuel Keever
Hubert Harold Keever
Craig Derr Keever b. 20 Oct 1895, d. 21 May 1938
Ernest Guy Keever+ b. 6 Nov 1897, d. 22 Feb 1963
Mullie Rosalie Keever b. 30 Jul 1901
Myra Estelle Keever b. 30 Jul 1901, d. Feb 1974
George Cabe Keever b. 11 Mar 1903, d. 2 Oct 1937
Robert Alfred Keever b. 31 Mar 1905
Neva Ellen Keever b. 21 Jul 1907
Nola Neil Keever b. 23 Nov 1909
Leonard Elmer Keever b. 30 Oct 1911
Joseph Franklin Keever b. 7 Oct 1914
Edison McLean Keever b. 2 Jun 1917

Mary McConnell (F)
b. 1896

     Mary McConnell was born in 1896. She married Samuel Watt Rabb, son of Rev. Horace Rabb and Mary Jefferson Walker.


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