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Sarah A. McConnell (F)
b. 1 February 1860, d. 11 July 1906

     Her body was interred at Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana. BURIED: Rose Hill Cemetery. Sarah was born on 1 February 1860. She married Charles W. Curry at Monroe Co., Indiana, on 24 October 1878. Sarah died on 11 July 1906 at age 46.

Susan Estelle McConnell (F)

     Susan Estelle McConnell married Charles Arthur Ritter.


Child of Susan Estelle McConnell and Charles Arthur Ritter
Mary A. Ritter+ b. 20 Apr 1916, d. 20 Jan 1989

Mary McCord1 (F)

     Mary McCord married Jonathan Fravel, son of Henry Fravel and Anna Keller.1



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Robert Mayhew McCord1 (M)
b. 25 September 1913

     Robert was born on 25 September 1913. He married Netta Delores Bolch on 25 July 1936.



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David A. McCorkle1 (M)

     He married Rhoda Salome Smith.


  1. [S110] In Memoriam: John Barnett Smith, Alfred Nixon.

Sally McCormack (F)

     Sally McCormack married Charles Brininstool.


Etta McCormick (F)

     She married John Calvin Truesdale Strong.


Child of Etta McCormick and John Calvin Truesdale Strong
Marjorie Strong b. Jan 1903, d. 1980

Grace McCormick (F)

     She married William Erskine Moffatt.


Mary McCormick (F)
d. 1820

     Mary McCormick was born at Ireland. She married Francis Fergus. Mary McCormick died in 1820 at Pennsylvania.


Children of Mary McCormick and Francis Fergus
Samuel Fergus+ b. 13 Feb 1787, d. 4 Oct 1842
Jincy Fergus+ b. 1 Feb 1789, d. 11 Oct 1855

Mary Jane McCormick (F)
b. 16 January 1830, d. 16 October 1908

     Mary Jane McCormick was born on 16 January 1830. She married Jacob Aide Franklin, son of Joseph Franklin and Elizabeth Smyth, on 16 September 1869. Mary Jane McCormick died on 16 October 1908 at age 78.


Child of Mary Jane McCormick and Jacob Aide Franklin
Jay Adrian Franklin+ b. 7 Feb 1873, d. 1944

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