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William McCreight (M)

     He married Agnes Smith.


Children of William McCreight and Agnes Smith
Robert McCreight+
Mary McCreight+

Nancy McCrickle (F)

     She married John Crawford.

Child of Nancy McCrickle and John Crawford
Jennie Crawford+

James Adger McCrorey (M)

     He married Nancy J. Douglas at Fairfield Co., South Carolina, on 7 December 1876.

Susan K. McCrorey (F)
b. 1888

     Susan was born in 1888. She married William Shaw Simpson at Chester Co., South Carolina, on 29 November 1911.

Margaret McCrory (F)
b. 1767, d. 28 May 1819

     Margaret was born in 1767. She married James Harbison on 6 July 1789. Margaret died on 28 May 1819. Her body was interred in 1819 at Chester Co., South Carolina, at Harbison Burying Ground. Her tombstone reads: Mrs. Margaret Harbison Died 28 May 1819 aged 52 years erected by an affectionate daughter.

Children of Margaret McCrory and James Harbison
Robert Harbison
Adam Harbison b. 31 Mar 1790, d. 15 Dec 1886
John Harbison b. 4 Sep 1792
Jane Harbison b. 4 Oct 1794, d. Mar 1797
James Harbison Jr.+ b. 21 Jun 1797, d. 10 Oct 1836
Jennet Harbison b. 23 Aug 1799, d. 19 Oct 1841
Isaiah Harbison b. 2 Aug 1801, d. 10 Sep 1850
Hugh Harbison b. 17 Sep 1803, d. 26 Jun 1826
Jane Harbison b. 1806
William Harbison b. 10 Sep 1808, d. 2 Dec 1875
George Washington Harbison b. 16 Sep 1810, d. 30 May 1814
Thomas McCrory Harbison b. 8 Jun 1813, d. 15 May 1855

Sarah Margaret McCrosky (F)
b. 8 August 1862, d. 1934

     Sarah Margaret McCrosky was born on 8 August 1862 at Marshall Co., Indiana. She married Nelson Rowley Norris, son of Ransom Harvey Norris and Mary Eliza Lewis. Sarah Margaret McCrosky died in 1934.


Child of Sarah Margaret McCrosky and Nelson Rowley Norris
Victor Leo Norris+ b. 5 Mar 1886, d. 21 Jan 1964

(?) McCue (M)

     (?) McCue married Lesta "Leslie" Marple, daughter of Salukas Eumenis "Luke" Marple and Anna Elizabeth Armstrong, on 23 August 1908 at Roane Co., West Virginia.


Anna McCue (F)
b. 8 August 1889, d. 1981

     Anna was born on 8 August 1889. She married John Andrew McKeown. Anna died in 1981 at Oakland, Alameda Co., California.


Elizabeth McCulloch (F)
b. 30 October 1748

     Elizabeth McCulloch was born on 30 October 1748 at Burlington Co., New Jersey. She married Colonel Ebenezer Zane, son of William Andrew Zane and Nancy Anna Nolan.


Child of Elizabeth McCulloch and Colonel Ebenezer Zane
Samuel Zane b. 12 May 1782

(?) McCullough (M)

     (?) McCullough married Jennet Neal.


Children of (?) McCullough and Jennet Neal
George McCullough
(?) McCullough
(?) McCullough
(?) McCullough
(?) McCullough
William McCullough+ b. 1748
Jennet McCullough+ b. c 1765, d. 21 Jul 1827

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