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Helen Agnes McFerrin (F)

     She married Hugh Oscar Moore at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 27 November 1919.


James Madison McGarity (M)
b. 3 November 1859, d. 5 May 1919

     His body was interred at Chester Co., South Carolina. BURIED: Union ARP Cemetery. He married Mary J. Ford. James was born on 3 November 1859. He married Mary Elizabeth McDill at Chester Co., South Carolina, on 27 December 1916. James died on 5 May 1919 at age 59.

Huldah Jane McGaw (F)
b. 1850, d. 3 May 1933

     Huldah was born in 1850. She married Charles Stafford Millen at Henderson Co., Illinois, on 28 December 1873. Huldah died on 3 May 1933 at Biggsville, Henderson Co., Illinois.

Children of Huldah Jane McGaw and Charles Stafford Millen
Laura Irene Millen b. 12 Aug 1877
Mary Millen b. 25 Feb 1880

Martin Nelson McGeary Jr. (M)
b. 9 April 1906, d. 27 January 1985

     Martin was born at Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania, on 9 April 1906. He married Jane Eno Howe at Mt. Kisco, Westchester Co., New York, on 5 June 1937. Martin died on 27 January 1985 at State College, Centre Co., Pennsylvania, at age 78.


Aple McGee (F)

     Aple McGee married Robert Glenn Ballard, son of James Beverly Ballard and Frances Almita Keever, on 14 November 1931.


Bessie McGee (F)

     Bessie McGee married George Funderburg, son of Laney Funderburg and Margaret R. Dellinger.


Caroline E. McGee (F)
b. 1871
Pop-up Pedigree

     Caroline was born in 1871. She was the daughter of Jonas Monre McGee and Jane F. Setzer.

Dora E. McGee (F)


Child of Dora E. McGee
(?) Embree

Fern McGee (F)

     She married Ellis Monsel Griffith on 25 November 1925.


Ivah Jane McGee (F)

     She married Samuel Campbell.


Child of Ivah Jane McGee and Samuel Campbell
Lelia Mae Campbell b. 7 May 1911

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