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Hobart Glenn McJunkin1 (M)
d. 8 June 1977

     Hobart died on 8 June 1977.



  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Jesse Bank McKannan (M)

     He married Dorothy Phillips.


(?) McKay (M)

     He married (?) Long. Iron merchant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Jacob McKay (M)

     He married Lucy V. Spangler. Real estate speculator in Manchester, Iowa.


Jennie McKay (F)

     She married Matthew Elder. Jennie was born.

Child of Jennie McKay and Matthew Elder
Matthew Elder Rev.+ b. 3 Jan 1813, d. 15 Dec 1892

Tilda McKay (F)

     Tilda McKay married Horace L. Reger, son of Rev. Alfred Alphaeus Reger and Frances A. Ludington.


Ida McKebbon (F)

     She married James Melville Strong.


Jennet McKee (F)
b. 1789, d. 23 December 1842
Pop-up Pedigree

     Jennet was born at South Carolina in 1789. She was the daughter of Samuel McKee and Jennet McCullough. She married Robert S. Strong at South Carolina circa 1810. In Robert S. Strong's will, Jennet was named by Robert to handle his estate on 24 February 1832 at Fairfield Co., South Carolina. Jennet McKee was land contract on 5 October 1834; Deed - L.L. 304 On 5 October 1834 Jennet Strong sold 180 acres for $1080 to Edward P. Mobley. Previously this land was granted to Samuel Caldwell. In 1784 he sold it to Samuel McKee and by will it transferred to his daughter, Jennet Strong. She was church membership on 23 May 1835 at Monroe Co., Indiana; Joined the Associate Reformed Presybterian Church of Monroe Co., Indiana on the 4th Saturday of May 1835. Jennet died on 23 December 1842 at Monroe Co., Indiana. Her body was interred in December 1842 at Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana, at United Presbyterian Cemetery. Inscription on stone reads: SACRED In the memory of Jennet wife of Robert Strong born in So. Ca. departed this life Dec 23rd 1842 Aged 53 years.


Children of Jennet McKee and Robert S. Strong
Sarah Simonton Strong+
Samuel Melancthon Strong+ b. 18 Oct 1810, d. 9 Sep 1855
Robert R. Strong+ b. 1815
Jane McKee Strong+ b. 30 Nov 1817, d. 3 Feb 1900
Eliza Strong+ b. 30 Jan 1820, d. 28 Dec 1910
James R. Strong+ b. c 1821
Martha Brown Strong+ b. 4 Dec 1824, d. 29 Sep 1890
Mary Strong+ b. 1825, d. 22 Jan 1907
William Strong b. c 1829

Margaret Jane McKee (F)
b. 29 January 1813

     Margaret Jane McKee was born on 29 January 1813 at London, Laurel Co., Kentucky. She married John Chesnut at Laurel Co., Kentucky, on 1 January 1829.

Children of Margaret Jane McKee and John Chesnut
George V. Chesnut
William Chesnut b. c 1830
Abraham Chesnut b. c 1830, d. 10 Sep 1859
Esther H. Chesnut b. c 1830
Evan Kincaid Chesnut b. c 1830
John Chesnut b. c 1830
Lucinda Chesnut b. c 1830
Amanda Elizabeth Chesnut b. c 1830
Margaret Chesnut b. c 1830
Arabelle E. Chesnut b. 8 Jun 1838, d. 19 Mar 1908
Robert M. Chesnut b. Nov 1852

Nancy McKee (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nancy McKee was the daughter of William Hill McKee. She married Evan Chesnut at Laurel Co., Kentucky, on 3 February 1834.

Children of Nancy McKee and Evan Chesnut
Ann Chesnut b. a 1834
John Chesnut b. a 1834
Mary Chesnut b. a 1834
Luther Chesnut b. a 1834
Eliza Chesnut b. a 1834
Margaret Chesnut b. a 1834
James Chesnut b. a 1834
Martha Chesnut b. a 1834
Nancy F. Chesnut b. a 1834

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