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Diana McKendry (F)

     Diana McKendry married William Mewhorter.


Child of Diana McKendry and William Mewhorter
Hannah Mewhorter+ b. c 1826, d. b Jul 1865

Howard A. McKennan (M)

     Howard A. McKennan married Elmira Jane Dellinger, daughter of Daniel D. Dellinger and Catherine Urich, on 4 December 1874 at Clinton Co., Indiana.


Baskan McKennon (F)

     She married Charles Strong Brice at McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma, in 1907.


Children of Baskan McKennon and Charles Strong Brice
Beryl Brice b. 1910
Walter Vinson Brice b. 1911
Patrick Brice b. 1913

Daniel McKenzie1 (M)

     He married Mariah Storm.


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Rev. Kenneth McKenzie (M)

     Kenneth was born at Scotland. He married Martha Florence Strong at Pakistan in 1920.


(?) McKeown (M)
b. 26 August 1947, d. 26 August 1947
Pop-up Pedigree

     BURIED: McKeown Family Cemetery. (?) died on 26 August 1947 at age 0. (?) was born on 26 August 1947. He was the son of James Simpson McKeown Jr. and Ella Louise McDill.

Addison Bigham McKeown (M)

     He married Lucy Boyd.


Child of Addison Bigham McKeown and Lucy Boyd
Hugh Samuel McKeown+ b. 5 Mar 1893, d. 9 Feb 1947

Addison Porter McKeown (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Addison Porter McKeown was the son of Hugh Seed McKeown and Susannah Wilson. He married Elizabeth Jane McKeown.


Child of Addison Porter McKeown and Elizabeth Jane McKeown
Hugh Seed McKeown+ b. 2 Jun 1854, d. 3 Feb 1888

Alexander McKeown (M)

     He married Elizabeth (?).

Children of Alexander McKeown and Elizabeth (?)
Jane McKeown+
Isabelle McKeown+ b. 1753, d. 1814

Andrew O'Neal McKeown (M)
b. 16 September 1918
Pop-up Pedigree

     Andrew was born on 16 September 1918. He was the son of Hugh Strong McKeown and Mary Thompson. He married Frances Evelyn Davis.


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