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Eleanor McLurkin (F)
b. 17 October 1812, d. 6 February 1892

     Dorothy Chance gives name as Ellen Kirkpatick. Eleanor was born on 17 October 1812. She married John Simonton in 1866. Eleanor died on 6 February 1892 at age 79. Her body was interred in February 1892 at Fairfield Co., South Carolina, at New Hope ARP Cemetery.

John McLurkin (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     John McLurkin was the son of James McClurkin. He married Margaret Walker.


Child of John McLurkin and Margaret Walker
James McClerkin+

Samuel William Burroughs McLurkin Dr. (M)

     He married Nancy Jane Douglas.

Child of Samuel William Burroughs McLurkin Dr. and Nancy Jane Douglas
Charles Andrew McClerkin Dr. b. 25 Nov 1866, d. 2 Jul 1933

Margaret McMackin (F)

     She married Lloyd B. Powell.

Mary Ellen McMahan (F)

     Mary Ellen McMahan married Carl Spangler Shoults, son of Abraham Shoults and Lucy Jane Spangler, on 22 July 1925 at Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., Texas.


Child of Mary Ellen McMahan and Carl Spangler Shoults
Carl Spangler Shoults Jr.

James Romulus McMahon1 (M)
b. 1 April 1874, d. 28 December 1934

     James Romulus McMahon was born on 1 April 1874. He married Ellen H. Powell. James Romulus McMahon died on 28 December 1934 at Asheville, Buncombe Co., North Carolina, at age 60. He was buried on 29 December 1934 at Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, Buncombe Co., North Carolina.



  1. [S162] Unknown compiler.

Samuel McMahon (M)
d. May 1874

     He married Matilda Powell at Cass Co., Indiana, in 1854. Samuel died in May 1874.

Joseph McMartin (M)

     Joseph McMartin married Margaret Kirkpatrick, daughter of Andrew Kirkpatrick and Margaret Gaston.


Verna Marie McMaster (F)
b. 13 March 1906

     Verna Marie McMaster was born on 13 March 1906 at Beliot, Rock Co., Wisconsin. She married Clifford Wilson Poff, son of John Henry Poff and Lucinda Jacobs.


Andrew McMeekin (M)

     Andrew McMeekin married Clarissa Harlow Gibson.


Child of Andrew McMeekin and Clarissa Harlow Gibson
James G. McMeekin+ b. 25 Oct 1831, d. 15 Nov 1916

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