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My Family Tree - Person Page 3914

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 3914

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Molly Messer (F)

     Molly Messer married John Grover Dellinger, son of John William Dellinger and Mary Finger.


Children of Molly Messer and John Grover Dellinger
Earnest Dellinger
Dewey Dellinger+ b. 6 Sep 1925, d. 8 Oct 1984

Rutelia Messer (F)
b. 1850, d. circa 1867

     Rutelia Messer was born in 1850 at Cocke Co., Tennessee. She married Carrick Potter, son of John M. Potter III and Matilda Justice. Rutelia Messer died circa 1867 at Carter Co., Tennessee.

Anna Maria Messerschmidt1 (F)

     She married Johann Jacob Rudisill Jr. at Canadochly Lutheran Church, Lower Windsor Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania, on 22 April 1755.

Children of Anna Maria Messerschmidt and Johann Jacob Rudisill Jr.
John Jacob Rudisill
Tobias Rudisill


  1. [S103] Hans Rudisill GEDCOM, e-mail address.

Christina Messerschmidt (F)
b. 1739, d. 24 August 1821
Pop-up Pedigree

     Christina was born in 1739. She was the daughter of Henry Messerschmidt and Elizabeth (?). She married Baltzer Spengler Jr.. Christina died on 24 August 1821. She was buried in August 1821 at Prospect Hill Cemetery, North York, York Co., Pennsylvania; Her tombstone reads: Lord My wasting life draws near the grave Make bare thine arms thy servant save Died 24th August 21 Christina Spengler Relict of Baltzer Spengler Dec'd In her 82 year Ah take these tears mortality's relief And till we share your joys forgive our grief These little rites, a stone, a verse, receive This all that we your children now can give. She was New Tag Obituary from the York Recorder and Independent Republican, Tuesday August 28, 1821

"Died, on Friday evening last, in this borough, Mrs. Christina Spengler - widow of the late Baltzer Spangler, at the advanced age of 81. The universal esteem in which this respectable lady was held during her long and active life, is the best comment on her character. In works of charity and benevolence she was active and persevering, while her health permitted. As a parent, a monitor, or a friend, her practical good sense, and most exemplary conduct in all the relations in life, gave to her character a peculiar force and respect. The Christian Religion was a living principle with her throught the course of a long and useful life, and she gave the strongest evidence of its being her surest consolation and support, in the patience and resignation with which she bore a distressing illness, and finally met her approaching end. She departed in the fullness of time, and 'being not wearied with well being,' we are assured she shall reap 'an exceeding great reward." On 28 August 1821 at York, York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Christina Messerschmidt and Baltzer Spengler Jr.
Daniel Spangler+ b. 20 Nov 1761, d. 11 Feb 1813
Maria Elizabeth Spangler+ b. 20 May 1763
Maria Magdalena Spangler+ b. 31 Jan 1768, d. 27 Jul 1831
John Spangler Dr.+ b. 3 Jul 1770, d. 22 Jul 1831
Samuel Spangler+ b. 2 Aug 1773, d. 28 Jun 1839
Jacob Spangler b. 3 Jan 1776, d. 1813
George Spangler b. 5 Aug 1778, d. 23 Apr 1823
Anna Maria "Polly" Spangler b. 7 Apr 1783, d. 28 Jun 1858

Henry Messerschmidt (M)

     Henry Messerschmidt married Elizabeth (?).


Child of Henry Messerschmidt and Elizabeth (?)
Christina Messerschmidt+ b. 1739, d. 24 Aug 1821

Timothy C. Messick (M)
b. 1894, d. 1958

     Timothy C. Messick was born in 1894. He married Josephine Dellinger, daughter of George W. Dellinger and Alvaretta Rogers. Timothy C. Messick died in 1958.


Amos L. Messinger (M)
b. 1818, d. February 1846

     Amos L. Messinger was born in 1818 at Butler Co., Ohio. He married Hannah Jolly Dilliner, daughter of Augustine Dilliner and Elizabeth A. Jolly, on 2 March 1842 at Marion Co., Indiana. Amos L. Messinger died in February 1846 at Marion Co., Indiana. He was buried in February 1846 at Old Parsley Cemetery, Franklin Twp., Marion Co., Indiana.


Pansy Lillian Messmore (F)
d. 1938
Pop-up Pedigree

     Pansy Lillian Messmore was the daughter of Fleeta Iona Stoner. Pansy Lillian Messmore married Charles Alvin Gantz. Pansy Lillian Messmore died in 1938.


Henrietta Metcalf (F)

     Henrietta Metcalf married Robert Simpson Faubion, son of Noah Faubion and Mary Ann Stipp.


Mary Louisa Metcalf1 (F)

     She married Myron Edgar Crandall.

Child of Mary Louisa Metcalf and Myron Edgar Crandall
Earl Metcalf Crandall+ b. 18 Sep 1885, d. 11 Oct 1961


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