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My Family Tree - Person Page 395

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 395

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Bernard Alfred Bailey (M)


Catherine Bailey (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Catherine Bailey was the daughter of Levi Bailey. She married Henry Battman.


Charles Bailey (M)

     Charles Bailey married Emma (?).


Child of Charles Bailey and Emma (?)
Martha Ruth Bailey+ b. 31 Dec 1921, d. 3 Nov 1995

Clara N. Bailey (F)

     Clara N. Bailey married Wilburt R. Dellinger, son of Thomas W. Dellinger and Lillie V. (?), on 15 May 1909 at Marion Co., Indiana.


Cleo M. Bailey (F)
b. 26 December 1865, d. 11 May 1866
Pop-up Pedigree

     Cleo M. Bailey was born on 26 December 1865. She was the daughter of Silas H. Bailey and Mahala Brake. Cleo M. Bailey died on 11 May 1866 at age 0.


David Bailey (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     He married an unknown person . David was born at Urbana, Neosha Co., Kansas. He was the son of Gordon Bailey and Mary Maria Stipp.


Children of David Bailey
Lynn Bailey+
Neva Ellen Bailey+
Levi H. Bailey+ b. 25 Aug 1901

Dorothy Bell Bailey (F)
b. 24 May 1908, d. 1 April 1986

     Dorothy was born at Connecticut on 24 May 1908. She married Floyd Otis Horner at Lynwood, Los Angeles Co., California, on 20 November 1926. Dorothy died on 1 April 1986 at Anaheim, Orange Co., California, at age 77.

Drucilla Bailey (F)
b. 9 June 1837, d. 12 August 1889

     Her body was interred at South Carolina. BURIED: Bullock Creek Cemetery. Drucilla was born at South Carolina on 9 June 1837. She married N. Leander Gaston in 1856. Drucilla died on 12 August 1889 at Turkey Creek, Chester Co., South Carolina, at age 52.

Children of Drucilla Bailey and N. Leander Gaston
James Robert Gaston+ b. 1850, d. 1914
Elizabeth Gaston b. 1857
Susannah Gaston+ b. 1862
George Alex Gaston b. 10 Jun 1864, d. 27 Jun 1941
William Mack Gaston b. 23 Apr 1867, d. 14 Apr 1947
John Gaston b. Sep 1869
Walker Lee Gaston+ b. 7 Feb 1872, d. 7 Mar 1954
Thomas T. Gaston+ b. 19 Oct 1875, d. 4 Nov 1903
Chalmers Gaston+ b. 2 Apr 1877
Arthur Lloyd Gaston b. 1882

E. Adophus S. Bailey (M)
b. circa 1858
Pop-up Pedigree

     E. Adophus S. Bailey was born circa 1858. He was the son of Silas H. Bailey and Mahala Brake.


Fannie Mae Bailey (F)

     She married Shelby Roark.


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