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(?) Miller (M)

     (?) Miller married Jennet Cauldwell, daughter of James Cauldwell and Mary Gaston.


(?) Miller (M)

     (?) Miller married Helen Irene Poff, daughter of Jacob Poff and Anna Schnider.


(?) Miller (M)

     (?) Miller married Rose Showns, daughter of Charles I. Showns and Florence Ellen Hawkins.


A. Roberta Miller (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     A. Roberta Miller was the daughter of Joseph Miller and Carrie M. Spangler.


Aaron M. Miller (M)
b. 29 November 1863, d. 13 December 1914

     Aaron M. Miller was born on 29 November 1863. He married Anna C. Mohler, daughter of Henry Mohler and Rebecca Ellen Dellinger, on 11 November 1891 at Clinton Co., Indiana. Aaron M. Miller died on 13 December 1914 at age 51.


Children of Aaron M. Miller and Anna C. Mohler
Lawrence Miller b. 8 Aug 1892, d. 8 Aug 1963
Carol Miller
Raymond Miller b. 19 Aug 1896

Adam Miller (M)

     He married Elizabeth Decker.

Children of Adam Miller and Elizabeth Decker
Eliza A. Miller
Catherine Ann Miller+

Albert Mae Miller1 (M)

     Albert Mae Miller married Anna May Dellinger, daughter of Thomas Ashby Dellinger and Laura Virginia Webb.


  1. [S172] Dorris Ellen Dellinger Gibson, "Re: Dellinger's without parents: revisited," e-mail to Roger Alan Dellinger, 19 Feb 2001.

Alexander Miller (M)

     He married Ann (?).


Child of Alexander Miller and Ann (?)
Eliza A. Miller b. 1841

Alfred Miller1 (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Alfred Miller was the son of James W. Miller and Rebecca Bowen. Alfred died. Died when only 16 years old..


  1. [S81] Rinker - Dellinger, Eleanor Rinker Migliore.

Alice Miller (F)
d. May 1976

     She married Clarence Isa Wright. Alice died in May 1976.


Child of Alice Miller and Clarence Isa Wright
Margaret Wright

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