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Effie Moodie (F)
b. 1856
Pop-up Pedigree

     Effie was born at Ohio in 1856. She was the daughter of (?) Moodie and Christina (?).

Mamie Harris Moody1 (F)

     She married Olin Kemp Dellinger on 6 October 1987.



  1. [S115] Descendants of Philipp Dellinger, Paul Dellinger & Nard Cloninger.

Max Moody1 (M)
d. 6 May 1986

     Max died on 6 May 1986.



  1. [S162] Unknown compiler.

Minnie Delova Moody (F)
b. 16 September 1903, d. 1 June 1989

     Minnie Delova Moody was born on 16 September 1903. She married Kelly B. Shelton on 20 December 1920. Minnie Delova Moody died on 1 June 1989 at age 85.

Child of Minnie Delova Moody and Kelly B. Shelton
Hazel Shelton+ b. 29 Oct 1928, d. 24 Jul 1994

Lora Bee Moon (F)
b. 11 February 1886, d. 30 May 1973

     Lora was born at Clinton Co., Ohio, on 11 February 1886. She married John Charles Osting. Lora died on 30 May 1973 at age 87.


Child of Lora Bee Moon and John Charles Osting
Margaret Irene Osting+ b. 13 Oct 1904

Mildred Moon (F)

     Mildred Moon married Melvin Lee Dellinger, son of Henry Clarence Dellinger and Mary Ella Putnam.


Nettie Moon (F)

     She married Eli Augustis Shigley.


Joseph Mooney (M)

     He married Mary Linduff.


Polly Mooney (F)

     She married William A. Clinkinbeard.


Child of Polly Mooney and William A. Clinkinbeard
Mary Polly Clinkenbeard+ b. 4 Sep 1783, d. 10 Apr 1852

Daniel Moor (M)

     He married Margery Sharples on 2 February 1668.


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