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Adam Moore (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Adam Moore was the son of Jonathan Moore and Martha Worrall.


Agnes Moore (F)

     Agnes Moore married Charles Wesley Foltz, son of Levi Foltz and Matilda Whittington.


Child of Agnes Moore and Charles Wesley Foltz
Nellie Ray Foltz+

Alexander Moore (M)
b. 22 November 1792, d. 14 March 1885

     Alexander was born on 22 November 1792. He married Anne Rhyne at Dallas, Gaston Co., North Carolina, on 17 December 1817. Alexander died on 14 March 1885 at Catawba Co., North Carolina, at age 92.

Alice Moore1 (F)
b. circa 1846
Pop-up Pedigree

     Alice Moore was born circa 1846.1 She was the daughter of Robert Moore and Elizabeth B.D. Rhyne.1


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Alverdo Moore1 (M)

     He married Effie Dellinger.


  1. [S142] Descendants of Valentin Dellinger, Billet, Dellinger, et al.

America J. Moore (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     America J. Moore was the daughter of Meriah Moore and Nancy House. She married Benjamin Chesnut at Laurel Co., Kentucky, on 7 December 1856.

Children of America J. Moore and Benjamin Chesnut
Lucinda Chesnut b. c 1860
Sarah Chesnut b. c 1860
Alma Chesnut b. c 1860
Cleveland Chesnut b. c 1860
Edmund B. Chesnut b. 14 Mar 1869
John Jacob Chesnut b. 18 May 1870, d. 31 Oct 1953
Laura Chesnut b. c 1880

Amos Moore (M)

     He married Elizabeth Blockley.


Child of Amos Moore and Elizabeth Blockley
Sarah Moore+

Ann Powell Moore (F)

     She married James Humphreys.


Children of Ann Powell Moore and James Humphreys
John Humphreys b. c 1779
Susan Humphreys b. c 1779
Thomas Humphreys Capt.+ b. 17 Jul 1779, d. 9 Jul 1820

Anna Vera Moore (F)
b. 13 August 1909, d. 18 March 1934
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anna Vera Moore was born on 13 August 1909 at York Co., Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Harvey Jacobs Moore and Anna Alberta Seager. Anna Vera Moore died on 18 March 1934 at San Bernardino Co., California, at age 24.


Art C. Moore (M)
b. 4 May 1890, d. 2 April 1954
Pop-up Pedigree

     Art was born on 4 May 1890. He was the son of Thomas Greer Moore and Ella Jane Forbes. He married Mary Tula Robertson at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 14 December 1910. He married Grace Rogers at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 18 June 1917. Art died on 2 April 1954 at age 63.


Child of Art C. Moore and Grace Rogers
Wilson Clemons Moore b. 2 Aug 1925, d. 2 Aug 1925

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