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Martha Moore (F)
b. 1 June 1840, d. 1851
Pop-up Pedigree

     Martha was born on 1 June 1840. She was the daughter of John Moore and Elizabeth Frances Johnson. Martha died in 1851.

Martha Moore (F)

     She married David Wilson Moffatt in 1818.


Children of Martha Moore and David Wilson Moffatt
Emily Jane Moffatt b. 26 Jul 1820, d. 24 Aug 1854
John B. Moffatt+ b. 13 Mar 1822, d. 29 Mar 1891
Harriet W. Moffatt b. 4 Nov 1824
Caroline Moffatt+ b. 4 Dec 1826, d. 1 Mar 1904
David Bingham Moffatt+ b. 7 Aug 1828, d. 11 Jan 1909
William S. Moffatt b. Jul 1832, d. 11 Aug 1900

Martha Moore (F)

     She married Hugh Johnson McCain.


Children of Martha Moore and Hugh Johnson McCain
James M. McCain+
William Ross McCain+ b. 1 Nov 1807, d. 1860
Albert Gallatin McCain b. 1828, d. 1853

Martha Eleanor Moore (F)
b. circa 1870, d. 1958

     Martha Eleanor Moore was born circa 1870. She married William Alexander Huffman. Martha Eleanor Moore died in 1958.


Child of Martha Eleanor Moore and William Alexander Huffman
Fentress M. Huffman+ b. 15 Oct 1904, d. 17 Sep 1995

Martha Emaline Moore (F)
b. 21 September 1810, d. 20 February 1898
Pop-up Pedigree

     BURIED: New Hope Cemetery. Her body was interred at Fairfield Co., South Carolina. Martha was born on 21 September 1810. She was the daughter of Michael Moore and Rebecca Wade. She married Walter Brice Dr. on 28 April 1831. Martha died on 20 February 1898 at South Carolina at age 87.

Children of Martha Emaline Moore and Walter Brice Dr.
James Michael Brice Captain b. 27 Apr 1832, d. 30 Sep 1864
Walter Scott Brice b. 25 Mar 1834, d. 13 Jul 1862
Robert Wade Brice+ b. 10 Jun 1836, d. 1 Mar 1910
John Moore Brice b. 7 Mar 1839, d. 3 Jun 1864
Thomas Scott Brice+ b. 16 Sep 1840, d. 5 Mar 1913
Rebecca Jane Brice+ b. 8 Sep 1844, d. 4 Jul 1901
Wilson Donald Brice b. 21 Mar 1847, d. 15 Apr 1897
Samuel George Brice+ b. 20 Aug 1849, d. 27 Dec 1936
David Lunsford Brice b. 21 Oct 1852, d. 21 Jan 1867

Martha Gable Moore (F)

     Martha Gable Moore married Henry Wolf, son of Abraham Wolf.


Children of Martha Gable Moore and Henry Wolf
Sarah Wolf
Eliza Wolf
Frederick Wolf
William Wolf d. b 1896
Anna Virginia Wolf+ b. 22 Sep 1853, d. 11 Apr 1888

Mary Moore (F)
b. 11 May 1742, d. 1826
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary was born on 11 May 1742. She was the daughter of James Moore Jr. and Hannah Wilmott. She married Groombright Bailey at Joppa, Maryland, on 5 October 1757. Mary died in 1826 at Vigo Co., Indiana.

Child of Mary Moore and Groombright Bailey
Reason Bailey+

Mary Moore (F)
b. 1729
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary was born in 1729. She was the daughter of James Moore and Elizabeth (?). She married William Adair in 1749.


Child of Mary Moore and William Adair
Mary Adair+

Mary Moore (F)

     Mary Moore married Joseph Wylie.


Child of Mary Moore and Joseph Wylie
Samuel Wylie Sr.+ b. 8 Apr 1783, d. 5 Jul 1853

Mary Eliza Moore (F)
b. 20 June 1848, d. 25 December 1916
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary was born at Tennessee on 20 June 1848. She was the daughter of Robert Moore and Margaret Jane Strong. She married Thomas M. Sloan at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 22 January 1868. Mary died on 25 December 1916 at Tennessee at age 68. Her body was interred in December 1916 at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, at Prosperity Cemetery.


Children of Mary Eliza Moore and Thomas M. Sloan
Frances Leona Sloan+ b. 18 Jul 1869, d. 4 May 1942
Charles B. Sloan b. 9 Jan 1871, d. 9 Jun 1898
Cora Zula Sloan+ b. 19 Feb 1875

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