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Sarah Moore (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sarah Moore was the daughter of Amos Moore and Elizabeth Blockley. She married David Sharpless at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania, on 17 December 1774.


Child of Sarah Moore and David Sharpless
Benjamin Sharpless+ b. 26 Dec 1777, d. 24 Mar 1844

Sarah Elizabeth Moore (F)

     Sarah Elizabeth Moore married Samuel "Tennessee" Wilson.


Child of Sarah Elizabeth Moore and Samuel "Tennessee" Wilson
Moses A. Wilson+ b. 2 Oct 1766, d. 11 Aug 1843

Sarah Malissa Moore (F)
b. 21 April 1850, d. 7 October 1932
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sarah was born at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 21 April 1850. She was the daughter of Robert Moore and Margaret Jane Strong. Sarah died on 7 October 1932 at Tennessee at age 82. Her body was interred in October 1932 at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, at Prosperity Cemetery.


Seldon Hemphill Moore (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Seldon Hemphill Moore was the son of John J. Moore and Betty C. Johnson. He married Para N. (?).


Children of Seldon Hemphill Moore and Para N. (?)
Rosalie Saxon Moore
Elizabeth Jane "Bessie" Moore b. 1877

Solomon Moore1 (M)
b. 22 September 1796, d. 30 June 1855

     Solomon Moore was born on 22 September 1796. He married Rebecca Mauck at Frederick Co., Virginia, on 11 June 1818. Solomon Moore died on 30 June 1855 at Ohio at age 58.


Children of Solomon Moore and Rebecca Mauck
Fanny Moore b. 11 May 1819, d. 2 Oct 1903
James Harvey Moore b. 15 Dec 1820, d. 5 Aug 1873
Barbara Jane Moore b. 3 Dec 1822, d. 30 Nov 1917
Michael Moore b. 1 Sep 1824, d. 11 Oct 1896
Maza Amanda Moore b. 2 Nov 1826, d. 26 May 1846
Catherine Moore b. 6 Oct 1828, d. 13 Apr 1831
Tirzah Rebecca Moore b. 20 Aug 1830, d. 14 Nov 1919
Margaret Moore b. 17 Oct 1832, d. 19 May 1919
John Huff Moore b. 31 Aug 1834, d. 3 Oct 1929


  1. [S170] Frederick Mauck of Frederick Co., VA, online.

Sue Ella Moore (F)
b. 1886, d. December 1947

     Her body was interred at Lincoln Co., Tennessee. BURIED: Prosperity Cemetery. Sue was born in 1886. She married Walter Grier Moore at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 20 June 1912. Sue died in December 1947.

Children of Sue Ella Moore and Walter Grier Moore
Grace Olivia Moore b. 31 Aug 1914, d. 8 Oct 1917
Hugh Francis Moore b. 1916, d. 1958

Susan Moore (F)

     She married Leroy Gaston Rev..


Syntha Moore (F)

     Syntha Moore married Antonie Andrew Tinnin.


Child of Syntha Moore and Antonie Andrew Tinnin
Mary Elizabeth Tinnin+ b. 10 Mar 1832, d. 10 Jul 1901

Thelma Moore (F)

     Thelma Moore married Lloyd Robert McMillan, son of Rutherford Hayes McMillan and Sarah Dellinger.


Thomas Moore (M)

     He married Mary Pyle at Pennsylvania in 1713.


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