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John Henry Morton (F)
d. 1928

     She married Mary Ada Powell on 23 February 1873. John died in 1928.

Children of John Henry Morton and Mary Ada Powell
Cora Morton b. 1874
Ada Nellie Morton+ b. 1878

Martha Elizabeth Morton (F)
b. 21 April 1833, d. February 1875

     Martha was born on 21 April 1833. She married John Kell Rainey on 30 August 1860. Martha died in February 1875 at age 41.

Child of Martha Elizabeth Morton and John Kell Rainey
Roy Rainey b. c 1867

Walter Lawrence Morton (M)
d. 10 October 1952

     Walter died on 10 October 1952.

Barbara Morvin1 (F)

     She married Jakob Ringger.

Children of Barbara Morvin and Jakob Ringger
Hans Jakob Rinker+ b. 1723, d. 26 Aug 1797
Hans Casper Rinker+ d. 11 Feb 1804


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Albert A. Mosbaugh (M)

     He married Hallie Leaming on 4 October 1904.

Child of Albert A. Mosbaugh and Hallie Leaming
Gerald Mosbaugh+

Clarence Everett Mosbaugh (M)

     He married Nola S. Smeltzer.


Gerald Mosbaugh (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Gerald Mosbaugh was the son of Albert A. Mosbaugh and Hallie Leaming. His body was interred at Elwood, Madison Co., Indiana.

Robert Mosby (M)
b. circa 1770, d. 1864

     Robert Mosby was born circa 1770. He married Mary "Polly" Spangler, daughter of Daniel Spangler. Robert Mosby died in 1864.


George Mosebrook (M)

     He married Emma Spangler.


Molly Moseley1 (F)

     She married Emsley Oliver Mann.

Child of Molly Moseley and Emsley Oliver Mann
Janie Luvilla Mann+ b. 16 Aug 1860, d. 11 Mar 1910


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