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Philip Baker (M)

     Philip Baker married Mary Spiker.


Child of Philip Baker and Mary Spiker
Mary Dorothy Baker+ b. c 1867, d. 14 Mar 1941

Philip Peter Baker Jr. (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Philip Peter Baker Jr. was the son of Philip Peter Baker Sr..


Child of Philip Peter Baker Jr.
Lewis Baker+ b. 17 Dec 1808, d. 16 Feb 1889

Philip Peter Baker Sr. (M)


Children of Philip Peter Baker Sr.
Philip Peter Baker Jr.+
Barbara Baker+

Ray Baker (M)
b. 20 May 1919, d. 20 May 1919
Pop-up Pedigree

     Ray died on 20 May 1919 at Wisconsin at age 0. Ray was born on 20 May 1919. He was the son of John Otis Baker and Vida Elizabeth Stipp.


Richard Knox Baker (M)
b. 20 May 1902

     Richard Knox Baker was born on 20 May 1902. He married Clara Ida Catherine Houck, daughter of Gamewell Puett Houck and Mary Corabelle Deal, on 26 January 1924.

Robert Baker1 (M)

     He married Mollie Jane Hopkins.

Child of Robert Baker and Mollie Jane Hopkins
Bonnie Mae Baker+ b. 14 May 1913


  1. [S141] 8 September 2000 e-mail, Bonnie.

Samuel Baker1 (M)

     Samuel Baker married Mary Rakestraw, daughter of Thomas Rakestraw and Mary Lippincott, in 1832.1


  1. [S31] Rakestraw-Wyron, Dave Rakestraw.

Sarah Baker (F)
b. 11 February 1804, d. 14 March 1875
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sarah Baker was born on 11 February 1804 at Lincoln Co., North Carolina. She was the daughter of John Baker and Catharine Yoder. Sarah Baker married Philip Warlick, son of Lewis Warlick and Mary Hoyle, on 24 October 1823 at North Carolina. Sarah Baker died on 14 March 1875 at Burke Co., North Carolina, at age 71.

Sarah "Irene" Baker (F)

     Sarah "Irene" Baker married Miles George Gohn, son of Abraham Gohn and Barbara Ellen Reedy, on 13 May 1909 at Butler, Pennsylvania.


Children of Sarah "Irene" Baker and Miles George Gohn
George Edward Gohn
Walter Harris Gohn
Charles Herman Gohn
Frank Norman Gohn+
Mary Elizabeth Gohn+ b. 2 Sep 1915, d. 1978

Sarah Honar Baker (F)
b. 19 April 1867, d. 28 June 1920

     Sarah Honar Baker was born on 19 April 1867 at Kent, England. She married John Stairt March, son of Augustus March and Susan Hollinger, on 13 June 1887 at Allen Co., Indiana. Sarah Honar Baker died on 28 June 1920 at Waynedale, Allen Co., Indiana, at age 53.


Child of Sarah Honar Baker and John Stairt March
Julia Belle March+ b. 13 Nov 1908, d. 18 Nov 1994

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