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Florence Nealy (F)
b. 1855, d. 30 May 1911

     BURIED: Steele Creek Cemetery. Florence was born in 1855. She married John Knox Dr. on 23 December 1880. Florence died on 30 May 1911.

Child of Florence Nealy and John Knox Dr.
John Gaston Knox b. 16 Aug 1889, d. 17 Apr 1892

Mary Near (F)

     She married Hiram Garfield Chesnut Jr..

Willis Nearhoff (M)

     He married Mary Bessie Shigley.


Catherine Neasey1 (F)
b. 1782
Pop-up Pedigree

     Catherine was born at Virginia in 1782. She was the daughter of Johan Owldrich Neese and Margaret Wacker. She married Johan Adam Lonas at Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., Virginia, on 17 September 1796.

Children of Catherine Neasey and Johan Adam Lonas
George Lonas+ b. c 1802, d. a 1871
Phillip Lonas+ b. c 1803
Joseph Lonas+ b. c 1805
Peter L. Lonas+ b. c 1815
Daniel Lonas b. c 1830


  1. [S36] Dellinger - Andrick Family Group Sheet, Grimm, Robinson & Turley.

Matilda Amanda Needels (F)
b. circa 1840

     Matilda Amanda Needels was born circa 1840. She married John Andrew Randolph Dellinger, son of Jacob Dellinger and Sarah Urich, on 10 March 1853 at Franklin Co., Ohio.


Children of Matilda Amanda Needels and John Andrew Randolph Dellinger
William Henry Harrison Dellinger b. 28 Apr 1855
Mary Olive Dellinger+ b. 20 Jun 1857
Ida Alvereta Dellinger+ b. 11 May 1862
John Andrew Randolph Dellinger Jr.+ b. 22 Aug 1869, d. 10 Mar 1897

Sophia Shilling Needham1,2 (F)
b. 10 March 1872, d. 17 December 1945

     Sophia was born at Itawamba Co., Mississippi, on 10 March 1872. She married Cephas Crooks Dellinger at Ben Lomand, Sevier Co., Arkansas, in 1906. Sophia died on 17 December 1945 at Ben Lomand, Sevier Co., Arkansas, at age 73. Her body was interred in December 1945 at Ben Lomond, Sevier Co., Arkansas, at Wright Chapel Cemetery.


Children of Sophia Shilling Needham and Cephas Crooks Dellinger
Cephas Crooks Dellinger Jr.+ b. 18 Oct 1908
Jasper Dellinger b. 1 May 1912
Sophia Thelma Dellinger b. 20 May 1916, d. 9 Jun 1916
Lottie Blache Dellinger b. 10 Aug 1918


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Mary Neeley (F)

     She married Lynn Bailey.


Annabelle Neely (F)

     She married Lee Grier.


Children of Annabelle Neely and Lee Grier
Frank Grier
Mary Frances Grier
Lee Grier Jr.

Carrie Neely (F)

     She married James Findley Moffatt in 1900.


Chalmers Neely (M)
b. 6 October 1880
Pop-up Pedigree

     Chalmers was born on 6 October 1880. He was the son of William Pinkney Neely and Anna H. Lee.

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