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Nelle Balinger (F)

     She married Charles Allison Prugh.


(?) Balis (M)

     He married Sallie Schreiner. (?) Balis lived at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.


(?) Ball (M)

     He married Elida Allen.

Flora Ball (F)

     She married Joseph Rollin Sook on 28 December 1888.


Children of Flora Ball and Joseph Rollin Sook
Joseph Rollin Sook Jr.+ b. 17 Dec 1890, d. 1969
Bentley Prescott Sook b. 18 Dec 1892

Hannah Ball1 (F)
b. 31 October 1749
Pop-up Pedigree

     Hannah was born at Darby, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania, on 31 October 1749. She was the daughter of John Ball and Sarah Rhoads. She married George Powell at Pennsylvania on 2 October 1769.


Children of Hannah Ball and George Powell
John Powell b. 21 Dec 1770
Patience Powell b. 10 Nov 1773
Joseph Powell+ b. 13 May 1776
Sarah Powell b. 6 Jul 1779
George Powell Jr. b. 9 Feb 1782
Nathan Powell b. 6 Nov 1784, d. b Mar 1818
Mary Powell b. 21 Jan 1787
Hannah Powell b. 14 Oct 1789
Abraham Powell+ b. 1 Jan 1792, d. 18 Sep 1849
Thomas Powell b. 30 Aug 1793
Betsy Powell b. 29 Aug 1797


  1. [S162] Unknown compiler.

James Dunlap Ball (M)

     He married Alfaretta Nellie Obenchain on 1 November 1882. He married Matilda Obenchain after 1914.


Child of James Dunlap Ball and Alfaretta Nellie Obenchain
Raymond G. Ball b. 12 Jan 1884, d. Aug 1907

John Ball1 (M)
b. 22 May 1710, d. 21 December 1779

     John Ball was born on 22 May 1710. He married Sarah Rhoads. John Ball died on 21 December 1779 at age 69. He was buried in December 1779 at Darby Friends Burial Ground, Darby, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania. He left a will; Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

BALL, JOHN. Darby.
November 26, 1779. February 23, 1785.
Provides for wife Sarah.
To sons John and Joseph all my lands, etc. except as hereafter devised.
To sons Nathan and Thomas each 5 acres of land for building in some convenient place.
Also to sons John and Joseph remainder of personal estate, paying legacies.
To daughters Mary Lobb and Hannah Powell £5 each.
To Elizabeth and Susanna Ball £15 each.
Executors: Wife Sarah, sons John and Joseph.
Letters to sons, wife renouncing.
Wit: Jonathan Brown, Abigail Horn.


Children of John Ball and Sarah Rhoads
Hannah Ball+ b. 31 Oct 1749
John Ball b. 13 Mar 1752, d. c 1818


  1. [S162] Unknown compiler.

John Ball1 (M)
b. 13 March 1752, d. circa 1818
Pop-up Pedigree

     John was born at Darby, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania, on 13 March 1752. He was the son of John Ball and Sarah Rhoads. John died circa 1818.



  1. [S162] Unknown compiler.

Joseph Ball (M)

     Joseph Ball married Mary Montague.


Child of Joseph Ball and Mary Montague
Mary Ball+ b. 1708

Mary Ball (F)
b. 1708
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary Ball was born in 1708 at Lancaster Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of Joseph Ball and Mary Montague. Mary Ball married Augustine Washington on 6 March 1730.


Children of Mary Ball and Augustine Washington
George Washington b. 22 Feb 1731, d. 14 Dec 1799
Samuel Washington+ b. 16 Nov 1734

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