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Nancy Ball (F)

     Nancy Ball married (?) King. Nancy Ball married Reuben Ballard.


Child of Nancy Ball and Reuben Ballard
Jane Ballard+ b. c 1842, d. 1893

Nancy Ann Ball (F)

     Nancy Ann Ball married Lloyd Columbus Spurgeon on 6 June 1873.


Child of Nancy Ann Ball and Lloyd Columbus Spurgeon
Edna Ethel Spurgeon+ b. 1887, d. 1921

Raymond G. Ball (M)
b. 12 January 1884, d. August 1907
Pop-up Pedigree

     Raymond was born on 12 January 1884. He was the son of James Dunlap Ball and Alfaretta Nellie Obenchain. Raymond died in August 1907 at age 23.

Robert R. Ball (M)

     Robert R. Ball married Laura G. Henry, daughter of Samuel Chestnut Henry and Mary Elizabeth Fullerton, on 5 September 1876. Robert R. Ball was census 1900 in 1900 at Stafford Twp., Stafford Co., Kansas.


(?) Ballard (M)

     He married Sarah Mahin.


Adam Ballard (M)

     Adam Ballard married Viola M. Bails, daughter of Abram Bails and Amanda Hewitt, on 12 August 1883 at Athens Co., Ohio.


Anne Lee Ballard (F)
b. 22 June 1902
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anne Lee Ballard was born on 22 June 1902 at Lincoln Co., North Carolina. She was the daughter of James Beverly Ballard and Frances Almita Keever. Anne Lee Ballard married William A. Combs on 23 December 1939.


Bennett Clarence Ballard (M)
b. 6 October 1904, d. 10 January 1969
Pop-up Pedigree

     Bennett Clarence Ballard was born on 6 October 1904 at Lincoln Co., North Carolina. He was the son of James Beverly Ballard and Frances Almita Keever. Bennett Clarence Ballard married Eula Esther Proctor on 29 July 1944. Bennett Clarence Ballard died on 10 January 1969 at age 64.


Beulah Ballard (F)

     Beulah Ballard married Jack Yoder.


Children of Beulah Ballard and Jack Yoder
Robert "Bud" Yoder+
Pauline Yoder+ b. 1927, d. 6 Mar 2000

Carrie Emaline Ballard1 (F)
b. 14 September 1893, d. 21 September 1983

     Carrie was born at Lincoln Co., North Carolina, on 14 September 1893. She married James Henry McDowell Dellinger at Catawba Co., North Carolina, on 1 October 1910. Carrie died on 21 September 1983 at age 90.

Children of Carrie Emaline Ballard and James Henry McDowell Dellinger
Annie Levinary Dellinger+ b. 28 Jul 1911
James Arlen Dellinger b. 16 Jul 1913, d. 2 Nov 1933
William Glenn Dellinger+ b. 4 Oct 1915, d. 27 Mar 1986
Charlie Woodrow Dellinger b. 10 Sep 1922, d. 20 May 1986


  1. [S115] Descendants of Philipp Dellinger, Paul Dellinger & Nard Cloninger.

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