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John Noel1 (M)

     He married Margaret Dellinger on 5 March 1821.



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Jessee Noell (M)

     In 1910 lived in Barstow, Ward Co., Texas. He married Nannie Mae Simonton at Tipton Co., Tennessee, on 18 November 1903.

Franklin Nolan1 (M)

Child of Franklin Nolan
William Nolan b. 1849


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Nancy Anna Nolan (F)

     Nancy Anna Nolan married William Andrew Zane, son of Nathanial Zane and Grace Jane Rakestraw.


Children of Nancy Anna Nolan and William Andrew Zane
Silas Zane b. Oct 1745
Colonel Ebenezer Zane+ b. 7 Oct 1747
Jonathan Zane b. 1749
Andrew Zane b. 1751
Isaac Zane b. 26 Nov 1753
Elizabeth "Betty" Zane b. 1759

William Nolan1,2,3 (M)
b. 1849
Pop-up Pedigree

     William was born in 1849. He was the son of Franklin Nolan. He married Sarah Ann Dellinger at Cleveland Co., North Carolina, on 18 October 1883. He married Catherine Dellinger on 10 October 1899.


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Frederick H. Nolder (M)
b. 1937, d. 2001

     Frederick H. Nolder was born in 1937. He died in 2001.


Frances Nolen1 (M)
b. 12 December 1827, d. 27 April 1867

     Frances Nolen was born on 12 December 1827. He married Rebecca Mauk, daughter of Anthony Mauk and Sarah Price, on 4 May 1851 at Muskingum Co., Ohio. Frances Nolen died on 27 April 1867 at Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa, at age 39.



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Verena Noll (F)

     Verena Noll married Jacob Torckler.


Child of Verena Noll and Jacob Torckler
Anna Torckler+ b. c 1610, d. 24 Mar 1678/79

Milton Noller (M)

     Milton Noller married (?) Hartman, daughter of Henry Hartman and Amanda Dellinger.


Winifred Bernice Nolte (F)

     She married James Wallace Maish.


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