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Madeline O'Brien (F)

     She married Eli Augustis Shigley.


Rosanna O'Brien1 (F)
b. 8 October 1848, d. 14 July 1929
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rosanna was born at Dallas Co., North Carolina, on 8 October 1848. She was the daughter of Andrew O'Brian and Drucella Harmon. She married Melvin Alburtus Mauney. Rosanna died on 14 July 1929 at Gastonia, Gaston Co., North Carolina, at age 80.

Children of Rosanna O'Brien and Melvin Alburtus Mauney
William Mauney b. 1869
Mollie Mauney+ b. 1872
Margaret Mauney b. 1874
Christopher S. Mauney b. 5 Sep 1874, d. 18 Mar 1948
Edward Mauney b. 14 Dec 1876, d. 30 Oct 1968
Anna Gertrude Mauney+ b. 14 Apr 1881, d. 26 Feb 1971
Fannie Mauney+ b. 24 Nov 1883, d. Nov 1987


  1. [S122] Descendants of John Teeter Beam, James Beam.

William S. O'Brien (M)

     William S. O'Brien married (?) White, daughter of Alexander Perry White and Mary C. Fetty.


Albert Henry O'Bryant (M)
b. 10 July 1917, d. 27 December 1975
Pop-up Pedigree

     Albert was born at Republic, Washington, on 10 July 1917. He was the son of Willis O'Bryant and Mathilda Boutrand. Albert died on 27 December 1975 at California at age 58.

Willis O'Bryant (M)

     He married Mathilda Boutrand.


Child of Willis O'Bryant and Mathilda Boutrand
Albert Henry O'Bryant+ b. 10 Jul 1917, d. 27 Dec 1975

Louise Bert O'Connell (F)

     She married Ernest Harold Baynes on 24 April 1901.


Daniel Joseph O'Connor (M)

     He married Jane Casey.

Catherine O'Daniel (F)

     She married John Chandler Moffatt.


Children of Catherine O'Daniel and John Chandler Moffatt
Charles Augustus Moffatt b. 15 Jan 1835
Nelson Moffatt b. 14 Dec 1836
Thomas Howell Moffatt+ b. 16 Jan 1840
Harriet Newell Moffatt+ b. 4 Nov 1842
Edward Mortimer Moffatt+ b. 7 Jan 1846
Emma Caroline Moffatt+ b. 9 Jul 1850
Mary Ida Moffatt+ b. 29 Dec 1854

Sarah Maria O'Donnel (F)
b. 1824

     Sarah Maria O'Donnel was born in 1824 at Pennsylvania. She married Samuel Hollinger, son of Daniel Hollinger Sr. and Catharine Dellinger, on 7 August 1844 at Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania. Sarah was listed as a household member living with Samuel Hollinger in the 1860 Census at Upper Dickinson Twp., Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Sarah Maria O'Donnel and Samuel Hollinger
Susan C. Hollinger b. c 1845
Daniel J. Hollinger b. c 1847
George W. Hollinger b. c 1848
Samuel A. Hollinger b. c 1850
Willis H. Hollinger b. c 1852
James A. Hollinger b. c 1853
Charles Hollinger b. c 1857
Ab. K. Hollinger b. c 1859

Michael O'Donnell (M)

     Michael O'Donnell married Harriet Wallen, daughter of William Wallin Sr. and Mary Rakestraw, in 1837 at Ohio.


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