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Matthias Ochs (M)

     Matthias Ochs married Anna Maria Steitz on 18 June 1733 at Hanover, York Co., Pennsylvania; Matthias Ochs and Anna Maria Steitz were married by the Rev. John Casper Stoever.


Children of Matthias Ochs and Anna Maria Steitz
Matthias Ochs+ b. b 6 Jul 1743
Catharina Ochs+ b. 14 Dec 1744

William Maynard Ochs (M)

     He married Marjorie Louis.


J.L. Ockert (M)

     J.L. Ockert married Carol Dorothea Mahin, daughter of Edward Garfield Mahin and Margaret Parsons.


Crystal Odell (F)

     She married Bertie Roy McClish.


Wilma Odle (F)


Robert Ray Odom (M)

     He married Mary Lessie Betts.


Samuel Odom1 (M)

     He married Clarice Vance.



  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Lucy M. Oerman (F)
b. 10 November 1852, d. 17 April 1915

     Lucy M. Oerman was born on 10 November 1852. She married Henry Abel, son of Jacob Abel and Sarah Walck, on 29 January 1903. Lucy M. Oerman died on 17 April 1915 at age 62. She was buried in April 1915 at Prospect Hill Cemetery, North York, York Co., Pennsylvania.


Lydia Ogborn (F)

     Lydia Ogborn was buried at Haynesville Cemetery, Haynesville, Pratt Co., Kansas. She married Jacob Daniel Dellinger, son of Jacob Dellinger and Sarah Urich, at Warren Co., Indiana.


Child of Lydia Ogborn and Jacob Daniel Dellinger
William Everett Dellinger

David Ogden (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     David Ogden was the son of John Ogden. He married Martha Houlston at Pennsylvania in 1686.


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