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Elmer G. Olive (M)
b. 1868, d. 1948

     He married Addie B. Merritt. His body was interred at Anderson, McDonald Co., Missouri. BURIED: Anderson Cemetery. Elmer was born at Indiana in 1868. Elmer died in 1948 at Missouri.

Child of Elmer G. Olive and Addie B. Merritt
Roy L. Olive+ b. c 1899

Roy L. Olive (M)
b. circa 1899
Pop-up Pedigree

     Roy was born at Missouri circa 1899. He was the son of Elmer G. Olive and Addie B. Merritt. He married Irene (?).


Esther Caroline Oliver1 (F)
d. 17 April 1934

     She married Martin Dillinger. Esther died on 17 April 1934 at Kansas. Her body was interred in April 1934 at Wilmore, Comanche Co., Kansas.

Children of Esther Caroline Oliver and Martin Dillinger
Noah Dillinger d. 31 Mar 1976
Charles Dillinger+
Edward Dillinger
Alice Dillinger
Sarah Dillinger
Bernice Dillinger
(?) Dillinger
Jacob Dillinger+ b. 12 Oct 1883, d. 14 Apr 1945
Carrie Dillinger b. c 1886, d. 4 Sep 1960
Mollie Dillinger b. 4 Jun 1888


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Mary W. Oliver (F)
b. 1851, d. August 1892

     Mary was born at Salem, Fulton Co., Arkansas, in 1851. She married Robert Baxter Peden at Red Barn, Arkansas, on 20 October 1870. Mary died in August 1892 at Wheeling, Fulton Co., Arkansas.

Children of Mary W. Oliver and Robert Baxter Peden
Minnie Jane Elizabeth Peden+ b. 19 Oct 1871, d. 10 Feb 1910
James Robert Peden+ b. 10 Nov 1875

Walter Ollebach (M)

     Walter Ollebach married Ruth Spangler, daughter of William Henry Spangler and Amanda Jane Gleason.

Pauline Regina Oller (F)
b. 3 April 1906, d. 23 August 1985

     Pauline Regina Oller was born on 3 April 1906. She married Spurgeon Paules Thomas, son of Nestor Seth Thomas and Callie Elizabeth Paules, on 31 December 1925 at York Co., Pennsylvania. Pauline Regina Oller died on 23 August 1985 at York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 79.


Children of Pauline Regina Oller and Spurgeon Paules Thomas
(?) Thomas+
Spurgeon Archie Thomas b. 18 Sep 1927, d. 2 Aug 1995

Angie Ollis1,2,3 (F)
b. 11 June 1921, d. 25 August 1977

     Angie was born on 11 June 1921. She married Ralph Dellinger. Angie died on 25 August 1977 at age 56. Her body was interred in August 1977 at Linville Falls, Avery Co., North Carolina, at Pisgah Methodist Cemetery.


Child of Angie Ollis and Ralph Dellinger
Gary Aldon Dellinger b. 14 Apr 1943, d. 14 Apr 1943


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Christina Jane Ollis1,2 (F)
b. 1834, d. 29 September 1884
Pop-up Pedigree

     Christina Jane Ollis was born in 1834. She was the daughter of James Ollis and Martha Marshall. She married Andrew Johnson Loughmiller at Harrison Co., Indiana, on 22 July 1850. Christina Jane Ollis died on 29 September 1884 at near, Hardinsburg, Washington Co., Indiana.


Children of Christina Jane Ollis and Andrew Johnson Loughmiller
Nelson Loughmiller+ b. 22 Mar 1851, d. 22 Jun 1940
Mary J. Loughmiller b. c 1856
James Loughmiller+ b. 29 Apr 1862, d. 29 Jul 1939
Andrew Johnson Loughmiller Jr.+ b. 29 Jul 1867, d. 30 Jan 1942


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Dollie Mauria Ollis1 (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Dollie Mauria Ollis was the daughter of James Nelson Ollis and Matilda Louise Carpenter. She married James Allen Baldwin.

Child of Dollie Mauria Ollis and James Allen Baldwin
Annie Baldwin+


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James Ollis1 (M)

     James Ollis married Martha Marshall.


Child of James Ollis and Martha Marshall
Christina Jane Ollis+ b. 1834, d. 29 Sep 1884


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