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James Nelson Ollis1,2 (M)

     He married Matilda Louise Carpenter.


Child of James Nelson Ollis and Matilda Louise Carpenter
Dollie Mauria Ollis+


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Ingegerd Olofsdotter (F)
b. 1001, d. 10 February 1049
Pop-up Pedigree

     Ingegerd Olofsdotter was born in 1001. She was the daughter of King of Sweden Olof Skötkonung and Estrid of the Obotrites (?). Ingegerd Olofsdotter married Grand Prince of Novgorod and Kiev Yaroslav (?) I, son of Grand Prince of Kiev Vladmir I of Kiev (?) and Rogneda of Polotsk (?), in 1019. Ingegerd Olofsdotter died on 10 February 1049.


Child of Ingegerd Olofsdotter and Grand Prince of Novgorod and Kiev Yaroslav (?) I
Princess Anna of Kiev (?)+

Sally Olphin (F)
b. August 1870

     Sally Olphin was born in August 1870 at Pennsylvania. She married David Olewiler circa 1898 at Pennsylvania. Sally was listed as David Olewiler's wife on the 1900 Census at Chanceford Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Sally Olphin and David Olewiler
Francis Olewiler b. Dec 1896
Charles Olewiler b. Mar 1899

Anna Olson (F)

     She married Ernest Lee Shigley.


Child of Anna Olson and Ernest Lee Shigley
Edward Harold Shigley b. 24 Sep 1902, d. 2 Jan 1992

William A. Olson (M)
b. 1902, d. 1977

     William was born in 1902. He married Viola Clara Banister at Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, on 22 June 1940. William died in 1977.

Mary Ann Oman (F)

     Mary Ann Oman married Moses Elsea.


Children of Mary Ann Oman and Moses Elsea
Martha Jane Elsea+ b. 16 Nov 1848, d. 2 Sep 1924
Margaret Ellen Elsea b. 23 Dec 1851

Mary Lucille Onley (F)

     Mary Lucille Onley married George Edwin Thayer.


(?) Opdycke1,2 (M)

     He married Jennie Dellinger.



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(?) Orahood (M)

     (?) Orahood married Elizabeth Lewellen.


Caleb Orahood (M)
b. circa 1805

     Caleb Orahood was born circa 1805 at Virginia. He married Elizabeth Shirk, daughter of John Shirk and Sarah H. Brake, on 1 December 1825.


Child of Caleb Orahood and Elizabeth Shirk
John Orahood b. 12 Feb 1833, d. 4 Nov 1915

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