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My Family Tree - Person Page 4312

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 4312

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Margaret Owen (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Margaret Owen was the daughter of Owen Humphrey and Margaret Vaughn. She married John Acton at Maryland in 1685.


Margaret Owen1 (F)
b. 17 July 1819, d. 17 March 1861

     Margaret was born at Ohio on 17 July 1819. She married Michael Mauk at Muskingum Co., Ohio, on 12 January 1837. Margaret died on 17 March 1861 at Allen Co., Ohio, at age 41.


Children of Margaret Owen and Michael Mauk
Alvah Washington Mauk b. 11 Nov 1837, d. 16 Sep 1916
Stephen William Mauk b. 21 Aug 1839
Francis Marion Mauk b. 29 Aug 1841
Nancy Ann Mauk+ b. 8 Sep 1843, d. 20 Nov 1916
Sarah Elizabeth Mauk b. 1 Nov 1846
Mary Ellen Mauk b. 10 Dec 1848
Martha Jane Mauk b. 27 Sep 1850
Rebecca Rachel Mauk b. 22 Apr 1855, d. 23 Apr 1855
George Michael Mauk b. 12 Aug 1856, d. 2 Dec 1860


  1. [S170] Frederick Mauck of Frederick Co., VA, online.

Mary Owen (F)
b. 1828

     Mary was born at Kentucky in 1828. She married David Carson.

Child of Mary Owen and David Carson
Evelyn A. Carson+ b. 16 Jul 1850, d. 14 Sep 1895

Owen Owen (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Owen Owen was the son of Owen Humphrey and Margaret Vaughn.


Ralph Owen1 (M)


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Rebecca Owen (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rebecca Owen was the daughter of Owen Humphrey and Margaret Vaughn. She married Robert Owen at Wales on 11 March 1679.


Child of Rebecca Owen and Robert Owen
Gainor Owen+ b. 26 Aug 1681

Richard Owen (M)
b. circa 1662, d. October 1716
Pop-up Pedigree

     The following is taken from a 6 Oct. 2007 email brom Brad Veek:

Greetings, “cousin” Roger.

I am Eugene Bradford Veek; son of Elsie Mae Brown (daughter of George Henry Owens/Brown – my grandfather changed his last name to Brown when he was about 20 years old). George was the only son of Zaddock Bradford Owens/Owings. I looked at your presentation of the Owens/Owings line and chuckled: the fine research hand of Donnell McClure Owings (DMO) and his best efforts remain the ‘guidepost’ for most of we Owings/Owens researchers. The book “Owings and Allied Families” (with two subsequent revisions) by Addison and Elizabeth Owings contains the essence of our early line and is the most prevalent ‘documentation’ cited. Like most of the other conjectures and best guesses, the Richard Owen connection to the Humphrey/Vaughn line and Rachel Roberts’ connection to the Robert Pugh line in Wales are undocumented. Alas. I have joined several other Owen(s)/Owings researchers for several years with diligent efforts to find the documentation. At least two of my cousins and I have physically visited Wales and had no luck in finding documentation to ‘prove’ that assertion. We even hired genealogist researchers in both Wales and in England to assist in this research. Nothing new was found and we are without proof of the assertions of DMO. We have even visited the often suggested area of Northern Wales, Lake Bala and Llwyn-du, etc. No records have been located which substantiate the contention that he was born in that area (or born anywhere, for that matter, nor can we prove that he came over on any ship from anywhere at any time) although a “Richard Owen” signed ‘certificates of removal’ for Quakers. I’ve been to Pennsylvania and Maryland doing significant research in the state archives of both. No luck finding his arrival or first ‘port of entry’ nor even when! Nor can we confirm the fact that he was documented as a child of Owen Humphrey and Margaret Vaughn. Etc. Nice, neat, and unproven statements which ‘repeat’ one another but not a scrap of documentation, to my awareness. Sigh. Further, when Richard and Rachel arrived in America we have, as a matter of documentation, that he spelled his name SEVEN different ways! In his own hand! LOL. He was not illiterate – he just spelled it phonetically (and probably as it sounded to the ear) – spelling precision did not matter in that era. I’ve lived in MD twice and owned a home nearly on the lands on which “Anna Merriken” was born and lived – just north, across the river Severn from Annapolis. And on and on.

Best wishes,

Brad Veek. Richard was born at Wales circa 1662. He was the son of Owen Humphrey and Margaret Vaughn. He married Rachel Roberts at Wales in 1682. Richard died in October 1716 at Baltimore Co., Maryland. His body was interred in October 1716 at Maryland.


Children of Richard Owen and Rachel Roberts
Richard Owings
John Ownings
Ruth Ownings
Robert Owings
Samuel Owings
Joshua Owings
Rachel Owings+ b. 1683, d. 1761
Henry Owings+ b. c 1692

Robert Owen (M)
b. circa 1657, d. 8 December 1697
Pop-up Pedigree

     Robert was born at Goch, Merionethshire, Wales, circa 1657. He was the son of Owen ap Evan and Gainor John. He married Rebecca Owen at Wales on 11 March 1679. Robert died on 8 December 1697 at Merion Twp., Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania. His body was interred in December 1697 at Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania, at Merion Meeting Cemetery.


Child of Robert Owen and Rebecca Owen
Gainor Owen+ b. 26 Aug 1681

Robert Gail Owen (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Robert Gail Owen was the son of (?) Owen and Ella Elizabeth Powell.


Child of Robert Gail Owen
Diane Owen

Rowland Owen (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rowland Owen was the son of Owen Humphrey and Margaret Vaughn.


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