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Thomas L. Palmer1 (M)
b. 28 February 1797

     Thomas was born at Loudon Co., Virginia, on 28 February 1797. He married Abigail Stipp at Kentucky on 6 April 1824. Thomas died at Lawrence Co., Indiana.


Children of Thomas L. Palmer and Abigail Stipp
Amanda Palmer b. c 1827
Rebecca Palmer b. c 1829
James Wood Palmer b. 4 Feb 1831
Letitia Palmer+ b. 19 Nov 1833
John Palmer b. 1834
Catherine Palmer b. 1837


  1. [S132] 11 March 1998 e-mail, Gordon Pattison.

William Palmer (M)

     He married Mary (?).


Child of William Palmer and Mary (?)
Anne Marie Palmer+ b. 4 Oct 1798, d. 3 Jul 1866

William Palmer1 (M)
b. 4 September 1837
Pop-up Pedigree

     William was born at Washington Co., Virginia, on 4 September 1837. He was the son of Samuel Palmer and (?) unknown. He married Sabina Loughmiller on 12 February 1856.



  1. [S171] Sue Pearson Carpenter, "Descendants of Jurig Lochmiller".

William Palmer (M)

     He married Jane Chesnut at Augusta Co., Virginia, on 11 January 1780.


Bessie Palsgrove (F)
b. 11 April 1888
Pop-up Pedigree

     Bessie Palsgrove was born on 11 April 1888. She was the daughter of William Palsgrove and Anna Virginia Wolf. Bessie Palsgrove married Cordia Roy Payton on 24 December 1906 at Indiana.


Child of Bessie Palsgrove and Cordia Roy Payton
John E. Payton+ b. 14 Apr 1908, d. 21 Jun 1954

Mary E. Palsgrove (F)

     Mary E. Palsgrove married Jacob Nicodemus, son of Philip Nicodemus and Nancy Supinger, on 14 August 1862.


Children of Mary E. Palsgrove and Jacob Nicodemus
Sarah Jane Nicodemus b. 1863
Emma Elizabeth Nicodemus b. 8 Jan 1865
Mary Ellen Nicodemus b. 1868

William Palsgrove (M)

     He married Anna Virginia Wolf on 21 September 1868.


Child of William Palsgrove and Anna Virginia Wolf
Bessie Palsgrove+ b. 11 Apr 1888

Elena Palten (F)

     She married Harold Young Moffatt in 1914.

John Pankuch (M)

     John Pankuch married Ilda Miriam Wickwire, daughter of Roscoe Wickwire and Eva Margaret Eaton, on 19 September 1936 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.


Grace Panter1 (F)

     She married Fred A. Turner.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

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