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Sarah Pennell (F)

     She married (?) Gibbons. She married Joseph Pyle at Pennsylvania in 1732.


Sidney Pennell (F)
b. 22 December 1787, d. 17 March 1845
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     Sidney Pennell was born on 22 December 1787 at Darby, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Dell Pennell and Hannah Hill. Sidney Pennell married Benjamin Serrill, son of Jacob Serrill and Hannah Pearson, on 12 May 1812 at Darby, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania. Sidney Pennell died on 17 March 1845 at Darby, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania, at age 57.


Children of Sidney Pennell and Benjamin Serrill
Thomas D. Serrill b. 5 Apr 1813
William P. Serrill+ b. 6 Dec 1814
Benjamin Serrill b. 28 Mar 1819
Hannah Pennell Serrill b. 28 Mar 1821
Sidney Temple Serrill b. 6 Mar 1827, d. 6 Jun 1905

William Pennell (M)
b. 8 November 1681, d. 1757
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     William was born on 8 November 1681. He was the son of Robert Pennell and Hannah (?). He married Mary Mercer on 26 August 1710. William died in 1757 at Pennsylvania.

Ralph Stanley Penney Jr.1 (M)
b. 20 March 1957, d. 25 May 1979

     Ralph was born on 20 March 1957. Ralph died on 25 May 1979 at age 22.



  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Ada Pennie (F)

     Ada Pennie married Elgin Gohn, son of Christopher Wesley Gohn and Mabel Estella Brooke.


Belle F. Pennington (F)

     Belle F. Pennington married Robert Cornelius Knox, son of James Calvin Knox and Sarah Fee, on 6 November 1904.


Charles B. Pennington (M)

     He married Ann M. Atkinson.


Helen Pennington (F)

     She married Ethan Laxton.

Joseph Pennington (M)

     He married Fannie Brown.


Child of Joseph Pennington and Fannie Brown
Margaret Mae Pennington+ b. 30 Apr 1881, d. 13 Aug 1965

Margaret Mae Pennington (F)
b. 30 April 1881, d. 13 August 1965
Pop-up Pedigree

     Margaret was born at Washington Co., Indiana, on 30 April 1881. She was the daughter of Joseph Pennington and Fannie Brown. She married Charles Elmer Horner at Washington Co., Indiana, on 4 June 1902. Margaret died on 13 August 1965 at age 84. Her body was interred on 15 August 1965 at Posey Twp., Washington Co., Indiana, at Kay's Chapel.


Children of Margaret Mae Pennington and Charles Elmer Horner
Charles Andrew Horner+ b. 14 May 1904, d. 26 Jan 1938
Clinton Merrill Horner+ b. 27 Feb 1906, d. Oct 1986
Fannie Ruth Horner+ b. 13 Jul 1909, d. Oct 1969
Mary Elizabeth Horner+ b. 17 May 1912
Albert Lee Horner b. 12 Mar 1915, d. 17 Aug 1917
Robert Wayne Horner+ b. 14 Nov 1923

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