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(?) Perkins (?)
b. 2 April 1949, d. 2 April 1949

     (?) Perkins died on 2 April 1949 at Upshur Co., West Virginia, at age 0. (?) Perkins was born on 2 April 1949 at Upshur Co., West Virginia.


Adelia Josephine Perkins (F)
b. 1846, d. after 1880

     Adelia Josephine Perkins was born in 1846. She married Zaddock Bradford "Brad" Owens, son of Norman Asbury Owings and Sarah Griffin, at Umatilla Co., Oregon. Adelia Josephine Perkins died after 1880.


Children of Adelia Josephine Perkins and Zaddock Bradford "Brad" Owens
Edith Owings
George Henry Owens+
Lenora Ellen Owens b. c 1879, d. 30 Sep 1957

Albert P. Perkins1,2,3,4 (M)

     He married Margaret Dellinger.


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Amanda M. Perkins (F)
d. 9 August 1884
Pop-up Pedigree

     Amanda M. Perkins was the daughter of William Perkins. She married William Gaston at Titus Co., Texas, on 15 November 1858. Amanda died on 9 August 1884.

Child of Amanda M. Perkins and William Gaston
Philip Henry Sheridan Gaston+ b. 9 Mar 1868

Artie Perkins1 (F)

     She married Oliver Costner.

Child of Artie Perkins and Oliver Costner
Alda Costner


  1. [S122] Descendants of John Teeter Beam, James Beam.

Benjamin Perkins (M)

     Benjamin Perkins was buried at Shiloh Cemetery, Howard Co., Indiana. He married Sarah E. Franklin, daughter of Matthias S. Franklin and Elizabeth Staunton.


Eva Roseltha Perkins1,2 (F)
b. 20 November 1868, d. 20 March 1924
Pop-up Pedigree

     Eva was born at St. George, Washington Co., Utah, on 20 November 1868. She was the daughter of Ute Warren Perkins and Sarah Laub. She married Brigham Whitmore at Overton, Clark Co., Nevada, on 16 October 1886. Eva died on 20 March 1924 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah, at age 55. Her body was interred on 23 March 1924 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah.


Children of Eva Roseltha Perkins and Brigham Whitmore
(?) Whitmore
(?) Whitmore
Cora Whitmore
Bryant Whitmore+ b. 18 Aug 1887, d. 1 Oct 1926
Roxton Whitmore+ b. 13 Feb 1889, d. 1 May 1976
Clifford Brigham Whitmore b. 18 Sep 1890, d. 14 Mar 1952
Sibyl Pearl Whitmore+ b. 27 Nov 1892
Myrtle Ann Whitmore b. 14 Feb 1895, d. 1979
Irva Whitmore+ b. 29 Jun 1896, d. 3 Mar 1971
John Fenton Whitmore b. 27 Oct 1898, d. 15 Nov 1943
George Elwood Whitmore b. 15 Jan 1900, d. 26 Aug 1973
Frankie Whitmore b. c 1902
Vonza Whitmore b. 20 Feb 1914, d. 20 Nov 1964
Buddy Whitmore b. 4 Apr 1914, d. 4 Jun 1921


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Jesse Perkins (M)

     Jesse Perkins married Mary Fish, daughter of William Fish and Judah Asher.


Nancy Adeline Perkins (F)
b. 1798, d. 4 June 1842

     Nancy Adeline Perkins was born in 1798. She married Abel Hoyle Shuford, son of Jacob Shuford and Margaret Hoyle, in January 1821. Nancy Adeline Perkins died on 4 June 1842.

Pearl Doraine Perkins1 (F)
b. 1900

     Pearl Doraine Perkins was born in 1900 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah. She married Lynn S. Whitmore, son of Samuel Moroni Whitmore and Elizabeth Letitia Grange.



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