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Thomas Barger1 (M)

     He married Hariett Sigmon on 13 July 1837.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Annie Cetus Barham (F)
b. 20 April 1882, d. 8 July 1946
Pop-up Pedigree

     Annie Cetus Barham was born on 20 April 1882 at Luray, Page Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of Thomas Barham and Mary Judd. Annie Cetus Barham married Joseph Samuel Hoffman, son of Isaac Hoffman and Sarah Helen Robinson, on 25 December 1899 at Hagerstown, Washington Co., Maryland. Annie Cetus Barham died on 8 July 1946 at Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., Virginia, at age 64.


Children of Annie Cetus Barham and Joseph Samuel Hoffman
Otis Samuel Hoffman b. 13 Feb 1902, d. 1 Mar 1902
Helen Virginia Hoffman b. 10 Feb 1904, d. 1982
Leslie Thomas Hoffman b. 1 Jul 1906, d. 25 Dec 1979
Wesley Ryon Hoffman b. 1 Jul 1906, d. 17 Sep 1906

Thomas Barham (M)

     Thomas Barham married Mary Judd.


Child of Thomas Barham and Mary Judd
Annie Cetus Barham+ b. 20 Apr 1882, d. 8 Jul 1946

Loren Byron Baringer (M)

     He married Ruth Ellen Smith.


James Austin Barker (M)
b. 13 October 1901
Pop-up Pedigree

     James was born at Viola, Fulton Co., Arkansas, on 13 October 1901. He was the son of James D. Barker and Emma Gertrude Pardew. He married Cora Eunice Nesbitt at Salem, Fulton Co., Arkansas, on 27 September 1922.


Child of James Austin Barker and Cora Eunice Nesbitt
James Nesbitt Barker+ b. 11 Jul 1923, d. c 1992

James D. Barker (M)

     He married Emma Gertrude Pardew.


Child of James D. Barker and Emma Gertrude Pardew
James Austin Barker+ b. 13 Oct 1901

James Nesbitt Barker (M)
b. 11 July 1923, d. circa 1992
Pop-up Pedigree

     James was born at Salem, Fulton Co., Arkansas, on 11 July 1923. He was the son of James Austin Barker and Cora Eunice Nesbitt. James Nesbitt Barker died circa 1992 at Houston, Harris Co., Texas.


Joseph C. Barker (M)
b. 10 October 1858, d. 17 September 1937

     Joseph C. Barker was born on 10 October 1858 at Van Buren Co., Iowa. He married Pearl Dellinger, daughter of Henry Dellinger and Mary Grace Potter, on 5 January 1931 at LaCygne, Linn Co., Kansas. Joseph C. Barker died on 17 September 1937 at age 78. He was buried in September 1937 at East Mt. Zion Cemetery, Linn Co., Kansas.


Kenneth Tennalson Barker (M)
b. 6 October 1912, d. 13 February 1992

     Kenneth Tennalson Barker was born on 6 October 1912 at Pension Mountain, Carroll Co., Arkansas. He married Ada Irene Newcomer, daughter of Calvin Levi Newcomer and Alice Arabella Shenk, on 6 June 1937. Kenneth Tennalson Barker died on 13 February 1992 at Stafford, Stafford Co., Kansas, at age 79.


Elizabeth Barkley1,2,3,4,5 (F)

     Elizabeth was born at Lincoln Co., North Carolina. Elizabeth was born sometime between 1822 and 1830.. She married Daniel P. Dellinger at Lincoln Co., North Carolina, on 19 June 1847.

Children of Elizabeth Barkley and Daniel P. Dellinger
Mary Elizabeth Dellinger b. Apr 1848, d. 30 Nov 1929
John F. Dellinger+ b. 8 Sep 1849, d. 4 Jul 1931
Sarah Jane Dellinger b. c 1851
Jenkins Dellinger b. c 1855
Lola Rebecca Dellinger
Margaret Dellinger b. c 1859
Robert Davis Dellinger+ b. 6 Oct 1861, d. 21 Dec 1953
Gussie Madora "Dora" Susan Dellinger b. c 1866, d. 11 Aug 1942
Laura Rankin Dellinger d. 26 Aug 1941


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