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Daphne Barnes (F)
b. 1890, d. 1964

     Daphne was born in 1890. She married Samuel Russell Prugh. Daphne died in 1964.


Children of Daphne Barnes and Samuel Russell Prugh
Robert B. Prugh+
Dwight R. Prugh d. 16 Nov 1970

Eva Emma Barnes (F)

     Eva Emma Barnes married Jesse Alonzo Whiteley.


Child of Eva Emma Barnes and Jesse Alonzo Whiteley
Hazel "Christine" Whiteley+ b. 20 Mar 1907, d. 7 Oct 1996

Ferre Whitrich Barnes1,2 (M)

     He married Estella May Dellinger at Hellam Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania, on 18 February 1913.



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  2. [S53] Dellinger - Kattermann, Donald F. Billet.

Frank S. Barnes Jr.1 (M)
b. 20 September 1908, d. 28 June 1977
Pop-up Pedigree

     Frank was born on 20 September 1908. He was the son of Franks S. Barnes and Julia L. Bird. Frank died on 28 June 1977 at age 68.



  1. [S122] Descendants of John Teeter Beam, James Beam.

Franks S. Barnes (M)

     He married Julia L. Bird.


Child of Franks S. Barnes and Julia L. Bird
Frank S. Barnes Jr. b. 20 Sep 1908, d. 28 Jun 1977

George Dusenberre Barnes (M)
b. 22 February 1865, d. 7 February 1928

     George was born at Middle Hope, Orange Co., New York, on 22 February 1865. He married Ella Josephine Bowman on 27 October 1886. George died on 7 February 1928 at St. Louis, Missouri, at age 62.


Child of George Dusenberre Barnes and Ella Josephine Bowman
Ruth Newell Barnes+ b. 23 Sep 1891, d. 22 Feb 1952

John A. Barnes (M)

     He married Rebecca Louise Taylor on 4 September 1866.


Levi Z. Barnes (M)
b. 1802

     Levi was born at Frederick Co., Maryland, in 1802. He married Susannah Lindsay at Frederick Co., Maryland, on 19 October 1825.


Margaret E. Barnes (F)

     Margaret E. Barnes married Dr. Alfred G. Reger, son of Major Albert Gallatin Reger and Mary Rebecca Seay, circa 1879.


Child of Margaret E. Barnes and Dr. Alfred G. Reger
Dr. Albert Reger b. 20 Jan 1880, d. 22 May 1901

Martha Barnes (F)
b. 2 May 1829

     Martha Barnes was born on 2 May 1829 at Ireland. She married Robert Wylie.


Child of Martha Barnes and Robert Wylie
Ellen Wylie+ b. 9 Jul 1856, d. 17 Jan 1946

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