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Thomas Priestman1 (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Thomas was born at England. He was the son of George Priestman and Miriam (?). He married Hannah Bristo at England in 1746. Thomas died at England. His body was interred at England.


Children of Thomas Priestman and Hannah Bristo
Miriam Priestman+ b. 1767, d. 1827
Elizabeth Priestman+ b. 25 Jan 1776, d. 1847


  1. [S162] Unknown compiler.

Margaret Prince (F)

     She married Thomas Wadsworth Farrar at South Carolina on 27 January 1777.

Children of Margaret Prince and Thomas Wadsworth Farrar
Cyprian Farrar
Burke Farrar
Pinckney Farrar
Matilda Farrar
Lucinda Farrar
Ephraim Farrar
Laura Farrar
Field Farrar+ b. 20 Jan 1784, d. 4 Oct 1836
Martha Farrar b. 25 Mar 1785

Nora A. Prince (F)
b. 9 December 1884, d. 17 December 1974

     Nora was born on 9 December 1884. She married Ralph Oscar Stipp at Monroe Co., Indiana, on 2 October 1910. Nora died on 17 December 1974 at age 90. Her body was interred in December 1974 at Clear Creek Twp., Monroe Co., Indiana, at Clear Creek Cemetery.

Elizabeth Celia Pringle (F)
b. 17 June 1860, d. 1937
Pop-up Pedigree

     Elizabeth was born on 17 June 1860. She was the daughter of James Pringle and Rebecca Martin. She married Lafayette Fremont Shigley at Hart, Oceana Co., Michigan, on 3 October 1878. Elizabeth died in 1937.


Children of Elizabeth Celia Pringle and Lafayette Fremont Shigley
Arthur Roy Shigley+ b. 12 Aug 1880, d. 11 Apr 1956
Ralph Edwin Shigley+ b. 17 Sep 1882, d. 24 Nov 1964
James Fremont Shigley+ b. 11 Jun 1885, d. 23 Sep 1970
George Bruce Shigley b. 5 Jan 1888, d. 15 Jul 1960
Joseph Richard Shigley+ b. 27 Sep 1893, d. 23 Jan 1963
Fred Martin Pringle Shigley b. 13 Jun 1896, d. 15 Nov 1975
Ruth Elizabeth Shigley b. 5 May 1898, d. 21 Apr 1981

James Pringle (M)

     He married Rebecca Martin.


Child of James Pringle and Rebecca Martin
Elizabeth Celia Pringle+ b. 17 Jun 1860, d. 1937

Wealthy Pringle (F)

     Wealthy Pringle married Abraham Crites.


Child of Wealthy Pringle and Abraham Crites
Joseph Crites+ b. 23 Mar 1846

Lona Pritchard1 (F)

     She married Ray John Asher.


Child of Lona Pritchard and Ray John Asher
Mary Julia Athane Asher b. 29 Aug 1910, d. 22 Oct 2002


  1. [S162] Unknown compiler.

Susan A. Pritchard (F)

     Susan A. Pritchard married Philip Reger.


Child of Susan A. Pritchard and Philip Reger
Effie Reger+ b. c 1872

T. C. Pritchard Rev. (M)

     He married Lydia J. Swope.


Philip Pritchett (M)
b. circa 1682

     Philip Pritchett married Sarah Smith, daughter of William Smith and Elizabeth Marshall. Philip Pritchett was born circa 1682.


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