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Edward Putmon (M)

     He married Mary F. Eshleman. Lived in Warren Co., Virginia.


Rev. Grady Putnam (M)

     Rev. Grady Putnam married Vina W. (?).


Isiah Putnam1,2,3 (M)
b. 15 November 1896, d. 15 May 1963

     Isiah was born on 15 November 1896. He married Rosa Lee Dellinger. Isiah died on 15 May 1963 at age 66.


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  2. [S53] Dellinger - Kattermann, Donald F. Billet.
  3. [S142] Descendants of Valentin Dellinger, Billet, Dellinger, et al.

James Putnam (M)

     James Putnam married Neva Ellen Keever, daughter of Luther Emanuel Keever and Lucy McConnell, in 1926.


Mary Ella Putnam (F)
b. 7 September 1884, d. 9 April 1960

     Mary Ella Putnam was born on 7 September 1884. She married Henry Clarence Dellinger, son of John Luther Dellinger and Mary Frances Powell, at North Carolina. Mary Ella Putnam died on 9 April 1960 at age 75.


Children of Mary Ella Putnam and Henry Clarence Dellinger
Lander Dellinger
John Dellinger
L. Jackson Dellinger
Velma Dellinger
Irene Dellinger
B. Blanche Dellinger
Melvin Lee Dellinger+ b. 12 Feb 1919, d. 14 Mar 1945

Sarah Putney (F)

     She married Rudolph Slater.


Children of Sarah Putney and Rudolph Slater
Gracie Slater d. b 1896
Ray Slater d. b 1896
Vernon Slater d. b 1896
James Slater d. b 1896
John H. Slater d. b 1896
Bayard T. Slater d. b 1896
Elisha H. Slater d. b 1896
Vera May Slater d. b 1896

Annie Pyatt (F)

     Annie Pyatt married Jefferson Davis Harrelson, son of James Franklin Harrelson and Margaret Amanda Dellinger, on 2 July 1901. After J.D. Harrelson disappeared from Nebo, Annie gave their two little girls
to a neighbor known only as "Granny Reese" and Annie also left the
area, possibly going to South Carolina where she may have remarried and had
another daughter named Elsie.


Children of Annie Pyatt and Jefferson Davis Harrelson
Georgia Ellen Harrelson b. 3 Aug 1905, d. 1991
Mary Harrelson

Henry Pyatt (M)

     He married Emma Marintha America Chesnut.

Leander Pyatt (M)
b. 1828

     Leander Pyatt was born in 1828. He married Francis Matilda Carpenter in 1847.


Child of Leander Pyatt and Francis Matilda Carpenter
Elmira Easter Pyatte+ b. 11 Nov 1860, d. 24 Dec 1925

D. Nicodemus Pyatte (M)
b. 1854, d. 1932

     D. Nicodemus Pyatte was born in 1854. He married Charity Rowan Franklin, daughter of Lawson Alexander Franklin and Sarah A. Dellinger. D. Nicodemus Pyatte died in 1932.


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