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James Franklin Quick (M)

     James Franklin Quick married Rosa Evelyn Snyder, daughter of Job Snyder and Christina Riffle, on 9 August 1894 at Jackson Co., West Virginia.


Child of James Franklin Quick and Rosa Evelyn Snyder
Carl Franklin Quick+ b. 4 Mar 1914, d. 9 Apr 1995

John Quick (M)


Child of John Quick
Mildred Quick+ b. 9 Nov 1792, d. 1861

Mildred Quick1 (F)
b. 9 November 1792, d. 1861
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mildred was born on 9 November 1792. She was the daughter of John Quick. She married James Smyth Franklin at Ross Co., Ohio, on 20 June 1814. Mildred Quick died in 1861.


Children of Mildred Quick and James Smyth Franklin
Charles W. Franklin+ b. 21 Mar 1815
Sarah Carter Franklin+ b. 16 Oct 1816, d. 14 Jun 1906
Nancy Ann Franklin b. 7 Mar 1818, d. 6 Feb 1838
Matthias S. Franklin+ b. 15 Dec 1819, d. 5 Jul 1862
Rebekah Ann Franklin+ b. 12 Feb 1821, d. 13 Aug 1851
Andrew R. Franklin b. 5 Jan 1823, d. 29 Jul 1847
Curthburt V. Franklin b. 9 Apr 1825, d. 5 Mar 1873
Dorcus Quick Franklin b. 11 Feb 1827
Oleyvet S. Franklin b. 1 Jan 1829, d. 19 Sep 1901
Rhoda Jane Franklin+ b. 15 May 1830, d. 1 May 1857
Henry H. Franklin+ b. 8 Jul 1832, d. 19 Jan 1913
Melinda Jane Franklin+ b. 25 May 1838, d. 22 May 1922
Emerath Virgil Franklin b. 10 May 1840, d. 1 Apr 1848


  1. [S68] Joseph & Elizabeth Franklin, FFRU Vol 18.

Catherine Quickel1 (F)

     She married Jacob Carpenter.


  1. [S122] Descendants of John Teeter Beam, James Beam.

Ellen Quickel (F)

     Ellen Quickel married Cleason Deardorff.


Child of Ellen Quickel and Cleason Deardorff
Nellie E. Deardorff b. 11 Aug 1899, d. 14 Apr 1980

Catharine Malinda Quickle (F)
b. 1827, d. 1908

     Catharine Malinda Quickle was born in 1827. She married Ambrose Costner, son of Jacob Costner and Anna M. Rudisill, in 1846. Catharine Malinda Quickle died in 1908.

Child of Catharine Malinda Quickle and Ambrose Costner
William Ambrose Costner b. 1 Jun 1849, d. 26 Dec 1934

Bethia Ellizabeth Quigg (F)
b. 5 May 1855, d. 1882
Pop-up Pedigree

     Bethia was born on 5 May 1855. She was the daughter of Henry Quigg Rev. and Bethiah Elizabeth Moffatt. Bethia died in 1882 at Smyrna, Conyers Co., Georgia.


Henry Quigg (M)

     He married Nancy McLaughlin.

Child of Henry Quigg and Nancy McLaughlin
Henry Quigg Rev.+ b. 25 Feb 1825

Henry Quigg (M)

     Henry Quigg married Sarah Agnes "Sallie" Craig, daughter of Robert G. Craig and Mary Erwin Scott, on 2 June 1857 at Dallas Co., Alabama.


Henry Quigg Rev.1,2 (M)
b. 25 February 1825
Pop-up Pedigree

     Cousin of Dr. Robert Calvin Grier, husband of Henry's wife's sister, Barbara. Henry died at Conyers, Rockdale Co., Georgia. Henry was born at Ireland on 25 February 1825. He was the son of Henry Quigg and Nancy McLaughlin. He married Bethiah Elizabeth Moffatt at Chester Co., South Carolina, in September 1854. He married Sarah Agnes Craig at Georgia in 1857.

Child of Henry Quigg Rev. and Bethiah Elizabeth Moffatt
Bethia Ellizabeth Quigg b. 5 May 1855, d. 1882


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