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Frederick Summey Ramsour (M)

     Frederick Summey Ramsour married Harriet Catherine Ramsaur, daughter of David "Deaf David" Ramsaur and Anna Maria Loretz, on 28 March 1839.

Julia A.E. Ramsour (F)

     Julia A.E. Ramsour married Caleb Henry Ramsaur, son of David "Deaf David" Ramsaur and Anna Maria Loretz, on 8 April 1852.

Margaret Ramsour (F)

     Margaret Ramsour married Daniel Warlick III.

Child of Margaret Ramsour and Daniel Warlick III
Barbara Warlick b. 15 Jun 1797, d. 1 Sep 1861

Mary Ramsour1 (F)

     She married Jonas Rudisill.

Children of Mary Ramsour and Jonas Rudisill
Catherine Rudisill b. c 1760
Henry Rudisill b. c 1760


  1. [S103] Hans Rudisill GEDCOM, e-mail address.

Mary Elizabeth Ramsour (F)
b. 1760, d. June 1820
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary Elizabeth Ramsour was born in 1760. She was the daughter of David Ramseur and Maria Magdalina Warlick. Mary Elizabeth Ramsour married Daniel Shuford, son of John Shuford Sr. and Mary Clare Conrad, in 1780. Mary Elizabeth Ramsour died in June 1820.

Children of Mary Elizabeth Ramsour and Daniel Shuford
Daniel Shuford Jr. b. 1781, d. 1867
Mary M. Shuford+ b. 4 Mar 1784, d. c 1844
Solomon Shuford b. 1787, d. 1866
Elizaabeth Shuford+ b. 1789, d. 31 Mar 1846
Ephraim Shuford+ b. 1790, d. 1879
John Shuford+ b. c 1795, d. c 1857
Barbara Shuford b. 1797
David Shuford+ b. 27 Jan 1797, d. 27 Oct 1858
Henry Shuford+ b. 6 Apr 1797, d. 18 Sep 1876

Eva Barbara Ranck (F)
b. 28 February 1732
Pop-up Pedigree

     Eva Barbara Ranck was born on 28 February 1732. She was the daughter of Michael Rank. Eva Barbara Ranck married Jacob Steigelman.


Children of Eva Barbara Ranck and Jacob Steigelman
John Steigelman
George Steigelman
Eva Steigelman+ b. bt 1755 - 1774
Jacob Steigelman b. bt 1755 - 1774

Amanda Randall1,2 (F)
b. 30 June 1890, d. 12 March 1986

     Amanda was born on 30 June 1890. She married Pressley Cleveland Dellinger on 14 October 1921. Amanda died on 12 March 1986 at age 95. Her body was interred in March 1986 at Cherryville, Gaston Co., North Carolina, at Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery.


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  2. [S142] Descendants of Valentin Dellinger, Billet, Dellinger, et al.

Christopher Randall (M)
b. circa 1682, d. 28 March 1735

     Christopher Randall was born circa 1682 at Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland. He married Anne Chew, daughter of William Chew and Sidney Wynne, in 1719 at Baltimore Co., Maryland. Christopher Randall died on 28 March 1735 at Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland.

Child of Christopher Randall and Anne Chew
Susannah Randall+ b. Jul 1724

Hannah Randall (F)

     Hannah Randall married Nathaniel Stinchcomb.


Children of Hannah Randall and Nathaniel Stinchcomb
Helen Stinchcomb+ d. a 1784
Captain John Stinchcomb+

Susan Randall (F)

     Susan Randall married James Leonard Stump, son of Leonard Stump and Phoebe Davis, at Muskingum Co., Ohio.


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