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Christina (?) (F)

     Christina (?) married Charles G. Diley.


Child of Christina (?) and Charles G. Diley
Charles Diley+ b. 24 Dec 1828, d. 23 Jul 1909

Christina (?) (F)
b. circa 1777, d. 23 April 1858

     Christina (?) was born circa 1777 at North Carolina. She married William Berry at Greenville, Greenville Co., South Carolina. Christina (?) died on 23 April 1858 at South Carolina. She was buried in April 1858 at Mosteller Family Cemetery, Greer, Greenville Co., South Carolina.


Children of Christina (?) and William Berry
Sarah Berry b. c 1797
Elizabeth Berry b. 2 Jan 1800
Thomas Berry b. 15 Feb 1806
Mary Berry b. c 1807
Anna Berry b. c 1808
Susan Berry b. 14 Feb 1811, d. 25 May 1898
William D. Berry b. 18 Dec 1815, d. 3 Mar 1908
Lorena Berry b. 16 Sep 1818, d. 12 Sep 1904

Christina Barbara (?) (F)
b. circa 1720, d. 19 October 1751

     Christina Barbara (?) was born circa 1720; Given that Christina Barbara's four youngest children were sponsored at their baptism by Johan Balthasar Spengler and his wife, Maria Magdalene, this pattern has lead some researchers to assume that Johan Balthasar Spengler is Christina Barbara's father, however there is no proof. In fact, Balthasar did not marry until 1732, and any daughter of his would likely be too young to be the wife of Gottlieb Kunkel, whose first child, Maria Magdalena was born in 1738. The baptism records clearly indicate that there is a close relationship between the Kunkel family and the Spengler family, however what that relationship is unknown. She married Gottlieb Kunckel, son of Gottlieb Kunckel and Margaretha (?), before 1738. Christina Barbara (?) died on 19 October 1751 at Hellam Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Christina Barbara (?) and Gottlieb Kunckel
Maria Magdalena Kunkel+ b. c 1738, d. c 1809
Johan Balthaser Kunkel b. 25 Sep 1742, d. 23 Aug 1812
Maria Catharine Kunkel b. 22 Jan 1743/44
Gottlieb Kunkel+ b. b 18 Apr 1746, d. b 30 Apr 1822
Maria Elizabeth Kunkel b. 8 May 1749

Christina Nancy (?) (F)

     She married John A. Adams.


Child of Christina Nancy (?) and John A. Adams
Nancy Jane Adam+ b. 1845, d. 29 Mar 1898

Christine (?) (F)
b. 1880, d. 3 May 1966

     She married George Seagal Horner. Her body was interred at Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska, at Forest Lawn Cemetery. Christine was born in 1880. Christine died on 3 May 1966 at Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska.

Children of Christine (?) and George Seagal Horner
Mildred Horner
Ruth Horner
Alice Horner
Edwin Victor Horner b. c 1909

Christine (?)1 (F)

     She married Arville Gragg.



  1. [S69] Henry George Dellinger, Randy Dellinger.

Chroma (?) (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Chroma (?) was the daughter of King of Burgundy Chilperic II (?) and Caretena (?).


Chrotrud (?) (F)

     She married Charles Martel King of Franks.


Children of Chrotrud (?) and Charles Martel King of Franks
Pepin III (?) King of Franks+ d. 24 Sep 768
Carloman (?)
Jerome (?)

Chunsina (?) (F)

     Chunsina (?) married King of the Franks Clotaire I (?), son of King of the Franks Clovis I (?) and Clotilde (?).


Child of Chunsina (?) and King of the Franks Clotaire I (?)
Chram (?) d. 561

Cicely (?) (F)
d. 1614

     She married Richard Sharpless. Cicely died in 1614 at Cheshire, England. Her body was interred on 8 December 1614 at Wybunbury, Cheshire, England.


Children of Cicely (?) and Richard Sharpless
Thomas Sharples b. 19 Aug 1579, d. 1614
Alice Sharples b. 4 Apr 1583
Geoffrey Sharpless+ b. 1586, d. 15 Dec 1661
Thomas Sharples b. 4 Nov 1589

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