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Ira M. Reeves (M)
b. 1870, d. 1 April 1940

     He married Susan Belle Hemphill. OCCUPATION: Coal miner. Ira was born in 1870. Ira died on 1 April 1940 at Marissa, St. Clair Co., Illinois.

Janet M. Reeves (F)

     Janet M. Reeves married Russell A. Smeltzer, son of Christian S. Smeltzer and Ida Mae Dellinger.


Jerry Reeves (M)

     Jerry Reeves married Alice Jeanette Dellinger, daughter of Guy Luther Dellinger and Irene Robinson.


Myrtle Reeves (F)
b. 1876
Pop-up Pedigree

     Myrtle was born in 1876. She was the daughter of Finis E. Reeves and Amely Francis "Fannie" Moffett. She married Fred Redditt in 1892.


Children of Myrtle Reeves and Fred Redditt
Kathleen Redditt b. 1896
Lois Redditt+ b. 1899
Frank L. Redditt+ b. 1901
Ruth Redditt+ b. 1903
Christine Redditt b. 1905, d. 1917
Julia Redditt+ b. 1908
Fred Reeves Redditt+ b. 1911
Doris Redditt+ b. 1914

Sadie Reeves1,2 (F)
b. 8 March 1900, d. 1986

     Sadie Reeves was born on 8 March 1900.1,2 She married Bonnie Samuel Dellinger, son of John Franklin Dellinger and Camella Maude Stinson.1,2 Sadie Reeves died in 1986.1,2



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Sarah Reeves (F)

     She married Matthew Mahin Rev..


Children of Sarah Reeves and Matthew Mahin Rev.
Jane Mahin
Anna Mahin b. 1 May 1795
James Mahin b. 25 Aug 1798
John Mahin+ b. 27 Mar 1800, d. 17 Sep 1848
Mary "Polly" Mahin+ b. 11 Feb 1802, d. 23 Mar 1893
Sarah Mahin b. 23 Jul 1804
Asa Mahin b. 16 Jun 1808
Olivet Mahin b. 1 Jul 1810
Jabez Mahin b. 11 Aug 1813

Thomas Henry Reeves1 (M)

     Thomas Henry Reeves married Mary Rakestraw, daughter of Abraham Rakestraw and Mary Morris, on 21 September 1804.1


  1. [S31] Rakestraw-Wyron, Dave Rakestraw.

John Wayn Reffel Sr. (M)

     He married Alma Leona Lewis.


Letitia M. Refo (F)
b. 11 January 1866, d. 8 March 1896

     She married Clarence A. Douglas. Her body was interred at Woodward, Fairfield Co., South Carolina. BURIED: Concord Presbyterian Cemetery. Letitia was born on 11 January 1866. Letitia died on 8 March 1896 at South Carolina at age 30.

Tabitha Delila Regan (F)
b. 1780, d. after 1860

     Tabitha Delila Regan was born in 1780 at Lincoln Co., North Carolina. She married James McAlister circa 1795 at North Carolina. Tabitha Delila Regan died after 1860 at Lincoln Co., North Carolina.

Child of Tabitha Delila Regan and James McAlister
George Washington McAlister+ b. c 1798, d. 1 Apr 1874

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