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Jesse Edward Rhodehamel (M)
b. 31 October 1877, d. 28 February 1922

     Jesse was born on 31 October 1877. He married Anna Loy Fauver on 28 June 1909. Jesse died on 28 February 1922 at age 44.

(?) Rhodes (M)

     He married Susan Prugh.


Child of (?) Rhodes and Susan Prugh
Mary Rhodes

(?) Rhodes (M)

     He married Margaret "Maggie" Spangler.


(?) Rhodes (M)

     (?) Rhodes lived at Marshall Co., Indiana. He married Sarah Shear, daughter of Jacob Shear and Sarah Somers.


Bertha J. Rhodes1,2,3 (F)
b. 1891, d. June 1916
Pop-up Pedigree

     Bertha was born at Atlanta, Hamilton Co., Indiana, in 1891. She was the daughter of John Rhodes. She married William Homer Dellinger at Tipton Co., Indiana, in April 1910. One source has William and Bertha's wedding in September 1909.. Bertha died in June 1916 at Atlanta, Hamilton Co., Indiana. Her body was interred in June 1916 at Tipton, Tipton Co., Indiana, at Tipton City Cemetery.


Children of Bertha J. Rhodes and William Homer Dellinger
Theodocia Dellinger+ b. 24 Apr 1910, d. 25 Apr 1939
Lawrence Dellinger b. 1912


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Carrie C. Rhodes (F)
d. 31 October 1898

     Carrie C. Rhodes married George Lemuel Shuford, son of George Philip Shuford and Anna Eliza Baker, on 18 March 1884. Carrie C. Rhodes died on 31 October 1898.

Catherine Rhodes (F)
b. 26 December 1789, d. 1 July 1869

     Catherine Rhodes was born on 26 December 1789 at Pennsylvania. She married Joseph Tritt, son of Johann Peter Dritt and Elizabeth LeFevre, in 1809 at Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania. Catherine Rhodes died on 1 July 1869 at Green Twp., Summit Co., Ohio, at age 79. She was buried in July 1869 at Canal Fulton Union Cemetery, Ohio.


Children of Catherine Rhodes and Joseph Tritt
Elizabeth Tritt b. 16 Feb 1811, d. 8 Jan 1886
George Tritt b. 10 Jan 1813
Julian Tritt b. 15 Jun 1815, d. 15 Feb 1902
Samuel Tritt b. 16 Feb 1817, d. 10 Jul 1891
Catyan Tritt b. 4 Mar 1819
Joseph Tritt b. 4 Mar 1819
Dolly Tritt b. 8 Jan 1821, d. 9 Jun 1881
Erian Tritt b. 22 Mar 1823
Rachel Tritt b. 20 Nov 1827, d. 25 Dec 1887
Peter Tritt b. 9 Sep 1829
Jacob Tritt b. 20 Nov 1831, d. Apr 1832
Lucindey Tritt b. bt 17 Dec 1832 - 1833

Elizabeth Rhodes (F)

     She married Jonah F. Lineberger.

Child of Elizabeth Rhodes and Jonah F. Lineberger
David Lineberger+

Helen Rhodes (F)

     Helen Rhodes married James Lyle Dellinger Sr., son of John Orville Dellinger Sr. and Mary "Mamie" Belton.

Horace Bain Rhodes (M)

     He married Ruby Louise Lazenby.


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