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Van Lew Roberts (F)

     She married Ralph Erskine Moffatt in 1903.


Walter Roberts (M)

     He married Flora Etta Carr.

Child of Walter Roberts and Flora Etta Carr
Hazel Fern Roberts+ b. 28 Aug 1897, d. 19 Feb 1976

William R. Roberts (M)
b. 1829, d. 2 October 1854

     William was born in 1829. He married Harriet P. Wherry. William died on 2 October 1854 at Lewisville Twp., Chester Co., South Carolina.


William Wiley Roberts1,2 (M)

     He married Sarah Jane Dellinger.



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  2. [S142] Descendants of Valentin Dellinger, Billet, Dellinger, et al.

David Robertson (M)
b. 1795

     He married Mary (?). David was born at South Carolina in 1795.

Child of David Robertson and Mary (?)
Elizabeth A. Robertson+ b. 5 Jul 1826, d. 21 Sep 1909

Elizabeth Robertson (F)

     She married Charles Chesnut at Rockingham Co., Virginia, on 9 June 1795.

Child of Elizabeth Robertson and Charles Chesnut
Alexander R. Chesnut+ b. 6 Sep 1801, d. 23 Jun 1880

Elizabeth A. Robertson (F)
b. 5 July 1826, d. 21 September 1909
Pop-up Pedigree

     BURIED: Hopewell Cemetery. Her body was interred at Preble Co., Ohio. Elizabeth was born at South Carolina on 5 July 1826. She was the daughter of David Robertson and Mary (?). She married Hugh Elliott in 1851. Elizabeth died on 21 September 1909 at age 83.

Children of Elizabeth A. Robertson and Hugh Elliott
Marietta Theressa Elliott b. 8 Jun 1852, d. 21 Nov 1860
Henrietta Elizabeth Elliott b. 26 Oct 1854, d. 1924
Sarah Essie Elliott+ b. c 1856
David Robertson Elliott b. 14 Apr 1857, d. 5 Dec 1875
Edwin Ebenezer Elliott b. 16 Oct 1860
Julia Irene Elliott b. 21 Apr 1863, d. 27 May 1870
Annis Martin Elliott b. 23 Nov 1865

John Robertson (M)
b. 29 April 1842
Pop-up Pedigree

     John was born on 29 April 1842. He was the son of Lewis Robertson and Rebecca Jane Moffett.

Lafayette Robertson (M)

     Lafayette Robertson married Melvina Beal, daughter of Peter Beal and Sarah Painter, in 1856.


Lewis Robertson (M)

     He married Rebecca Jane Moffett on 15 June 1841.

Children of Lewis Robertson and Rebecca Jane Moffett
John Robertson b. 29 Apr 1842
Mary Elizabeth Robertson b. 12 Nov 1844

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