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Andrew Vincent Robinson1 (M)
b. 5 February 1887, d. 27 September 1979
Pop-up Pedigree

     Andrew Vincent Robinson was born on 5 February 1887 at Logan Co., Illinois.1 He was the son of David Robinson and Elizabeth Mauck.1 Andrew Vincent Robinson married Edith Irene Lahr, daughter of David H. Lahr and Emma Jane Aughenbaugh, on 1 September 1908.1 Andrew Vincent Robinson died on 27 September 1979 at Lincoln, Logan Co., Illinois, at age 92.1 He was buried in September 1979 at Harmony Cemetery, Beason, Logan Co., Illinois.


Children of Andrew Vincent Robinson and Edith Irene Lahr
Eleanor Robinson+ 1
David Robinson 1
Vernet Gail Robinson+ b. 26 Feb 1911, d. 29 Aug 19981


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Anna Lee Robinson (F)
b. 9 November 1860, d. 26 March 1948
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anna Lee Robinson was born on 9 November 1860 at Warren Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of Catharine E. Robinson. Anna Lee Robinson married Joseph S. Hoffman, son of Henry Hoffman and Catherine Dellinger, on 6 November 1877 at Warren Co., Virginia. Anna Lee Robinson died on 26 March 1948 at Warren Co., Virginia, at age 87.


Children of Anna Lee Robinson and Joseph S. Hoffman
Heston Linwood Hoffman+ b. 13 Oct 1878, d. 16 Jan 1964
Lovell Richardson Hoffman+ b. 7 Oct 1880, d. 30 Sep 1938
Marcus William Hoffman+ b. 3 Mar 1883, d. c 1965
George Edward Hoffman+ b. 3 Mar 1886
Henry Joseph Hoffman+ b. 30 Nov 1889, d. 23 Oct 1960
Mary Catherine Hoffman+ b. 13 Dec 1891, d. 19 Sep 1974

Bessie Leona Robinson1 (F)
b. 19 December 1894, d. 17 December 1989

     Bessie was born on 19 December 1894. She married Walter Larrington Stroupe. Bessie died on 17 December 1989 at Gaston Co., North Carolina, at age 94.

Children of Bessie Leona Robinson and Walter Larrington Stroupe
Annie Francis Stroupe
Clyde Ray Stroupe+
Alice Faye Stroupe+
Miles R. "Jack" Stroupe+
Russell L. Stroupe+ b. 23 Apr 1914, d. 24 May 1995
James W. Stroupe b. 25 Nov 1915, d. 4 Feb 1916
Katherine E. Stroupe+ b. 26 Apr 1919
Violet E. Stroupe+ b. 23 Apr 1921, d. 24 Jul 1963
Walter Allen Stroupe+ b. 12 Nov 1932, d. 9 Mar 1993


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Butler Robinson (M)

     Butler Robinson married Elizabeth Sibert.


Children of Butler Robinson and Elizabeth Sibert
Mary Letitia Robinson+ b. 15 Jun 1840, d. 26 Sep 1906
Sarah Helen Robinson+ b. 20 Jun 1847, d. 11 Nov 1889

Carl Robinson (M)

     He married Norma M. Grant on 15 January 1915.


Child of Carl Robinson and Norma M. Grant
Vlaughn Eugene Robinson b. 31 May 1916, d. 18 Jun 1980

Carolina Robinson (F)

     Carolina Robinson married Ernest Thompson Dellinger, son of Luzerna Jerome Dellinger and Anna Laura Thompson, in 1905.


Child of Carolina Robinson and Ernest Thompson Dellinger
Ann Scott Dellinger

Catharine E. Robinson (F)


Child of Catharine E. Robinson
Anna Lee Robinson+ b. 9 Nov 1860, d. 26 Mar 1948

Cynthia Robinson1 (F)

     She married David M. Hoover.

Child of Cynthia Robinson and David M. Hoover
Lee Hoover


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David Robinson (M)

     David Robinson married Anna Shuford, daughter of David Shuford and Elizabeth Ramsaur, on 6 May 1817.


David Robinson1 (M)

     David Robinson married Elizabeth Mauck.1


Child of David Robinson and Elizabeth Mauck
Andrew Vincent Robinson+ b. 5 Feb 1887, d. 27 Sep 19791


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