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My Family Tree - Person Page 4865

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 4865

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William S. Robinson (M)
b. 12 November 1860, d. 3 April 1895
Pop-up Pedigree

     William S. Robinson was born on 12 November 1860 at Gaston Co., North Carolina. He was the son of John Robinson and Jane (?). William S. Robinson married Emma Reynolds, daughter of Lawson Reynolds and Catherine E. McAlister, on 27 February 1881 at Dallas, Gaston Co., North Carolina; Married at the home of John Matthew Mauney. William S. Robinson died on 3 April 1895 at Gaston Co., North Carolina, at age 34.


Children of William S. Robinson and Emma Reynolds
Laben Walker Robinson+ b. 25 Apr 1882, d. 8 Sep 1961
Jennie Robinson+ b. 18 May 1884, d. 14 Feb 1940
Maude Carrie Robinson b. 19 Feb 1887, d. 15 Jan 1980
Mamie Ella Robinson b. 24 Oct 1892, d. 16 Sep 1978
William Clarence Robinson b. 6 Apr 1894, d. 3 Jun 1905

Willie A. Robinson1 (M)
b. 1897, d. 1900
Pop-up Pedigree

     Willie was born in 1897. He was the son of Thomas Milton Robinson and Nancy Elizabeth Layman. Willie died in 1900.


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Zachariah Robinson (M)

     Zachariah Robinson married Phoebe Stout, daughter of Catherine Stout.

Susan Roby (F)
b. circa 1815, d. 7 April 1877

     Susan Roby was born circa 1815 at Maryland. She married Charles B. Dellinger, son of Henry W. Dellinger and Catherine Cromley, on 30 November 1835. Susan was listed as a household member living with Charles B. Dellinger on the 1850 Census at Washington Co., Maryland. Susan was listed as a household member living with Charles B. Dellinger on the 1870 Census at Washington Co., Maryland. Susan Roby died on 7 April 1877. She was buried in April 1877 at Riverview Cemetery, Williamsport, Washington Co., Maryland.


Children of Susan Roby and Charles B. Dellinger
(?) Dellinger b. bt 1836 - 1840, d. b 1850
Cyrus Dellinger+ b. 7 Oct 1836, d. 10 Mar 1901
Daniel A. Dellinger b. 3 Jan 1838, d. 21 Mar 1905
Sarah Dellinger b. c 1842
William H. Dellinger+ b. 3 Mar 1842, d. 30 Jan 1923
Andrew Rentch Dellinger+ b. 10 Feb 1843, d. c 4 Feb 1901
Eliza Ann Dellinger b. c 1847
Lewis Dellinger b. c 1848
Jacob Dellinger+ b. Jan 1848, d. 1907
John L. Dellinger b. c 1850
Charles Dellinger b. c 1854

Patrick Blaine Roche1 (M)
b. 17 March 1962, d. 3 August 2000

     Patrick Blaine Roche was born on 17 March 1962 at Downey, Los Angeles Co., California. He died on 3 August 2000 at Cancun, Mexico, at age 38.



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Hazel Fern Rock (F)
b. 1898, d. 1935

     Hazel Fern Rock was born in 1898. She married Earl L. Dellinger, son of Samuel W. Dellinger and Mary Young. Hazel Fern Rock died in 1935.

Edna Wilhemina Rockett (F)
b. 1 August 1914

     Edna Wilhemina Rockett was born on 1 August 1914 at Burke Co., North Carolina. She married Edward Carl Anderson, son of Vera Estelle Houck, on 12 June 1934 at Lenoir, Caldwell Co., North Carolina.


Obie H. Rockett (M)

     Obie H. Rockett married Jane Ellen Moser, daughter of George Henderson Moser and Virgin Mary Dellinger, on 19 October 1876.

Robert Lee Rockett (M)

     Robert Lee Rockett married Emma Alberta Dellinger, daughter of Logan H. Dellinger and Diannah Smyre, on 18 November 1891 at Catawba Co., North Carolina.


Daniel Emory Rockey1,2,3 (M)
b. 13 September 1899, d. 28 August 1966

     Daniel was born on 13 September 1899. He married Georgie Lillian Dellinger at Montpelier, Williams Co., Ohio, on 19 April 1921. Daniel died on 28 August 1966 at Superior Twp., Williams Co., Ohio, at age 66.



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