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Elmarinda Helderbran Roney (F)
b. 1832, d. 1915

     Elmarinda Helderbran Roney was born in 1832. She married Maxwell Shuford, son of David Shuford and Elizabeth Ramsaur. Elmarinda Helderbran Roney died in 1915.

Child of Elmarinda Helderbran Roney and Maxwell Shuford
Elizabeth Shuford b. 1874

Maretia Rook1 (F)

     She married Virgil Pickney Jordan.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Anna Roop (F)
b. 20 February 1832, d. 13 May 1907

     Anna was born on 20 February 1832. She married Isaac Prugh. Anna died on 13 May 1907 at Ohio at age 75. Her body was interred in May 1907 at Kettering, Montgomery Co., Ohio, at David's Cemetery. Buried in Old Section 1, Row 10..


Children of Anna Roop and Isaac Prugh
(?) Prugh b. 7 Aug 1870, d. 7 Aug 1870
Jesse Grant Prugh+ b. 1 Aug 1872, d. 20 Jun 1960

Elizabeth Roop (F)
b. circa 12 September 1798, d. 28 November 1874

     Elizabeth Roop was born circa 12 September 1798 at Maryland. She married David Cassell, son of John Jacob Cassell and Anna Margaret Bremker, circa 9 February 1814 at Frederick Co., Maryland. Elizabeth Roop died on 28 November 1874 at Westminster, Carroll Co., Maryland.


Child of Elizabeth Roop and David Cassell
Nancy Cassell b. 6 Apr 1831, d. 7 Nov 1902

Samuel or David Roop (M)

     Samuel or David Roop married Lydia Baile, daughter of David Baile and Susannah Myers.


Catherine Roosa (F)
b. 1793, d. 27 May 1855
Pop-up Pedigree

     Catherine Roosa was born in Alabama, Genessee Co., NY, in 1793 (Records of New York Board of Health). Catherine was born at Alabama, Genessee Co., New York, in 1793. She was the daughter of Cornelius Roosa and Elizabeth Moffat. Catherine died on 27 May 1855 at New York, New York Co., New York.

Cornelius Roosa (M)
b. 30 November 1760, d. 7 March 1834

     Cornelius Roosa married Elizabeth Moffat in Ulster Co., NY, on 15 Mar 1792 (New Windsor Church Records, published in Newburgh Hist. Soc. Papers, vol. II. The name Roosa is there erroneously stated to be Roc.). BAPTISM: Shawangunk Church. Cornelius was born on 30 November 1760. He married Elizabeth Moffat at Ulster Co., New York, on 15 March 1792. Cornelius died on 7 March 1834 at New York, New York Co., New York, at age 73.

Child of Cornelius Roosa and Elizabeth Moffat
Catherine Roosa b. 1793, d. 27 May 1855

Eunice Osea Root (F)
b. 30 November 1897, d. after 1959
Pop-up Pedigree

     Eunice was born at Meigs Co., Ohio, on 30 November 1897. She was the daughter of Willis Jay Root and Carrie Elizabeth Powell. She married Frank Ronald Hamilton on 7 September 1920. Eunice died after 1959.

Lewis "Lew" Root (M)

     Lewis "Lew" Root married Grace Mae Simon, daughter of Jacob E. Simon and Frances Curl, in April 1896.


Willis Jay Root (M)
b. 8 June 1857, d. 10 January 1940

     Willis was born at Andover, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, on 8 June 1857. He married Carrie Elizabeth Powell on 5 December 1895. Willis died on 10 January 1940 at St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co., Florida, at age 82.

Child of Willis Jay Root and Carrie Elizabeth Powell
Eunice Osea Root+ b. 30 Nov 1897, d. a 1959

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