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Theo Rose (M)
b. 28 August 1913
Pop-up Pedigree

     Theo Rose was born on 28 August 1913. He was the son of Fred Rose and Elizabeth Belle Dellinger.


William W. Rose (M)
b. circa 1811, d. 1860
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     William W. Rose was born circa 1811. He was the son of Frances Marcus Rose and Elizabeth Cuthbert. William W. Rose died in 1860.


Emma Roseberry (F)

     Emma Roseberry married William Charles McQuiston.


Children of Emma Roseberry and William Charles McQuiston
Ruby Louise McQuiston
Sara Catherine McQuiston+ b. 8 Aug 1914, d. 19 May 1979

Alice Rebecca Rosenberger (F)
b. 16 July 1870, d. 18 April 1931
Pop-up Pedigree

     Alice Rebecca Rosenberger was born on 16 July 1870. She was the daughter of Philip Rosenberger and Amanda Hancock. Alice Rebecca Rosenberger married Robert Richard Dellinger, son of Richard Polk Dellinger and Artemis Coffman. Alice Rebecca Rosenberger died on 18 April 1931 at New Oxford, York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 60. She was New Tag Obituary from a 19 April 1931 York Co., Pennsylvania newspaper:


New Oxford, April 19 - Mrs. Alice Rebecca Dellinger, wife of Robert Richard Dellinger, this place, died Saturday evening at 10:10 o'clock from a heart condition. She was aged 60 years, nine months and two days. She was a daughter of Mrs. Amanda (Hancock) Rosenberger and the late Philip Rosenberger.

Surviving are her husband; six children, Mrs. Roy Stock, Mrs. Cletus Millhimes, and Mrs. George Dietich, New Chester; Mrs. Theodore Witmer, Manchester, Pa; Mrs. Andrew Lehman, New Chester, and Christie Dellinger, at home; 12 grandchildren; her mother; one sister, Miss Annie Rosenberger, and three brothers, Nevin, Stanley and Lester Rosenberger, all of Strausburg, Va.

The funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock at the house with further services at the The Pines church. New Chester, Revs. Harold Little and Harry D. Houtz, will officiate. Interment will be made in the adjoining cemetery. Funeral Director W.A. Feister, Hanover, is in charge." On 19 April 1931 at York Co., Pennsylvania. She was buried on 21 April 1931 at The Pines Church Cemetery, York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Alice Rebecca Rosenberger and Robert Richard Dellinger
(?) Dellinger
(?) Dellinger
(?) Dellinger
(?) Dellinger
Christie Dellinger
Annie Gladys Dellinger+

Annie E. Rosenberger (F)

     Annie E. Rosenberger married Randolph Tucker Hollar.

Child of Annie E. Rosenberger and Randolph Tucker Hollar
Nellie Frances Hollar b. 23 Jan 1896, d. 19 Aug 1962

Jacob Rosenberger (M)
b. 26 March 1807, d. 18 June 1887

     Jacob Rosenberger was born on 26 March 1807. He married Anna Rinker, daughter of Absalom Rinker and Elisabeth Snyder, on 18 June 1830. Jacob Rosenberger died on 18 June 1887 at age 80.

Child of Jacob Rosenberger and Anna Rinker
Sarah Rosenberger+ b. 13 May 1838, d. 1 Oct 1906

Philip Rosenberger (M)

     Philip Rosenberger married Amanda Hancock.


Child of Philip Rosenberger and Amanda Hancock
Alice Rebecca Rosenberger+ b. 16 Jul 1870, d. 18 Apr 1931

Sarah Rosenberger (F)
b. 13 May 1838, d. 1 October 1906
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sarah Rosenberger was born on 13 May 1838. She was the daughter of Jacob Rosenberger and Anna Rinker. Sarah Rosenberger married William Bowman on 26 October 1854. Sarah Rosenberger died on 1 October 1906 at age 68.

Child of Sarah Rosenberger and William Bowman
John Solon Bowman+ b. 14 Oct 1855, d. 27 Apr 1922

(?) Ross (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) Ross was the daughter of James Ross and Martha Gaston.


Ada Ross1 (F)

     She married Harry Welsh Spangler.


  1. [S95] Spangler Family Genealogy, Fillmore K. Spangler III.

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