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Matilda S. Russell (F)

     She married James F. Curry at Monroe Co., Indiana, on 19 March 1867.


O. T. Russell1 (M)

     He married Juanita Mae Roberts.


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Olive Russell (F)

     She married Thomas Pearson in 1801.


Pansy Russell (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Pansy Russell was born. She was the daughter of Arthur Russell and Sarah Jane Williams. Pansy Russell married (?) Schaefer.


Robert Ralph Russell (M)
b. 4 April 1896, d. 25 September 1974

     His body was interred at Jackson, Cape Girardeau Co., Missouri, at Jackson Cemetery. Robert was born at Jackson, Cape Girardeau Co., Missouri, on 4 April 1896. Robert died on 25 September 1974 at St. Louis, Missouri, at age 78.

Virginia Russell (F)

     Virginia Russell married Moses Reeder.


Child of Virginia Russell and Moses Reeder
Churchwell Reeder+ b. Jun 1856

Winifred Russell (F)

     Winifred Russell married Lloyd Gohn, son of Christopher Wesley Gohn and Mabel Estella Brooke.


Mabel W. Russey (F)
b. 10 May 1897

     Mabel W. Russey was born on 10 May 1897 at Case Co., Missouri. She married Ira Otto Gohn, son of George L. Gohn and Lavina Gray, on 21 September 1918 at Case Co., Missouri.


Paul Rust (M)

     Paul was divorced from Esther Louise Bradbury. He married Esther Louise Bradbury on 16 June 1917.


Williminah Rutgers (F)

     Williminah Rutgers married William Tritt, son of Peter Tritt and Sara Line.


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