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Ruth Saylor1,2 (F)

     She married Lloyd Zarfoss.



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Rebecca Sayre (F)

     Rebecca Sayre married John J. Gall.


Child of Rebecca Sayre and John J. Gall
David W. Gall+

Ruth Sayre1 (F)

     She married Chester Arthur Donohue on 7 June 1913.


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Samuel Sayre (M)

     Samuel Sayre married Elizabeth "Betsy" Shreve, daughter of Joseph Shreve and Elizabeth Brake, on 13 December 1865 at Harrison Co., West Virginia.


Ethel Marie Scamahorn (F)

     Ethel Marie Scamahorn married Clare Edward Lee Houck, son of Elmer Lee Houck and Caroline Rowena Lamp, on 20 October 1945.


Child of Ethel Marie Scamahorn and Clare Edward Lee Houck
Dale Lee Houck+ b. 4 Jul 1947, d. 24 Jun 1972

Walter Scantling (M)

     Walter Scantling married Martha Dellinger, daughter of Franklin Benjamin "Frank" Dellinger and Emma Jane Roth.


Sarah Scarboro (F)

     Sarah Scarboro married Hubert Harold Keever, son of Luther Emanuel Keever and Lucy McConnell.


John Scarlet (M)

     He married Elizabeth Humphrey.


Child of John Scarlet and Elizabeth Humphrey
John Scarlet

John Scarlet (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     John Scarlet was the son of John Scarlet and Elizabeth Humphrey.


Adalaide Scarr (F)

     She married Eugene Morrison.


Child of Adalaide Scarr and Eugene Morrison
Ruth Morrison+ b. 12 Aug 1901

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