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My Family Tree - Person Page 5076

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 5076

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Jane Sharp (F)
b. 23 April 1860
Pop-up Pedigree

     Jane was born at Knox Co., Tennessee, on 23 April 1860. She was the daughter of William Sharp and Eliz Trigg Lonas.

Joseph Sharp (M)

     He married Mary (?).


Child of Joseph Sharp and Mary (?)
Abigail Sharp+

Margaret Sharp (F)

     Margaret Sharp married Josiah Borton.


Children of Margaret Sharp and Josiah Borton
Margaret Borton+ b. 26 Apr 1803, d. 1 May 1874
Josiah Borton III b. 4 Jul 1804
Anna Borton+ b. 20 Feb 1810, d. 1 Mar 1902

Melissa C. Sharp (F)
b. 1864, d. 1931

     Melissa C. Sharp was born in 1864. She married Daniel W. Polley, son of Joseph Lee Polley and Margaret Jane Jackson, on 12 June 1891 at Madison, Lake Co., South Dakota. Melissa C. Sharp died in 1931.


Minerva Jane Sharp (F)
b. 2 May 1862, d. 1935

     Minerva was born on 2 May 1862. She married Henry Jacob McGiven at Tipton Co., Indiana, on 2 December 1878. Minerva died in 1935 at Omega, Hamilton Co., Indiana. Her body was interred in 1935 at Omega, Hamilton Co., Indiana, at Omega Cemetery.


Child of Minerva Jane Sharp and Henry Jacob McGiven
Retta May McGiven+ b. 2 May 1881, d. 30 Sep 1958

Pauline Sharp1 (F)
b. 1850, d. 3 December 1936

     Pauline was born at Knox Co., Tennessee, in 1850. She married Jacob K. Lonas at Knox Co., Tennessee, on 31 January 1871. Pauline died on 3 December 1936 at Knox Co., Tennessee. Her body was interred in December 1936 at Knoxville, Knox Co., Tennessee, at Highland Memorial Cemetery.

Children of Pauline Sharp and Jacob K. Lonas
Andrew J. Lonas b. c 1872
Charle E. Lonas b. c 1874
Senai P. Lonas b. c 1877
(?) Lonas b. c 1879
(?) Lonas b. c 1881
(?) Lonas b. c 1883


  1. [S36] Dellinger - Andrick Family Group Sheet, Grimm, Robinson & Turley.

Robert Sharp1 (M)



  1. [S6] Dellinger Book, Billet & Dellinger.

Ruth Ann Sharp (F)
b. 1858, d. between 1922 and 1927

     Ruth Ann Sharp was born in 1858 at Ohio. She married Isaac C. Bails, son of Reuben Bail and Elizabeth Hartley Johnson, on 21 January 1870 at Athens Co., Ohio. Ruth Ann Sharp died between 1922 and 1927 at Ohio. She was buried at Vanderhoof Cemetery, Athens Co., Ohio.


Children of Ruth Ann Sharp and Isaac C. Bails
Aaron E. Bail+ b. 17 Dec 1870, d. 5 Aug 1931
Desta Bail b. 1873
Rosa Bail b. 1875
Arli Dena Bail b. 17 Nov 1876, d. 6 May 1917
William Albert Bails b. Dec 1878, d. 1937
Cora Elizabeth Bail b. 22 Jun 1881, d. 1964
Eddie Bail b. 12 May 1883, d. 11 Jun 1883
Chester Arthur Bail b. 5 Jun 1885, d. 26 Mar 1927
Lucy L. Bail b. 10 Jul 1889
Fermer Bail b. Jun 1890
Pearley Bail b. 29 Sep 1891, d. 4 Oct 1891
John Herbert Bail b. 31 Oct 1896, d. 5 Oct 1918

Sarah Sharp (F)

     She married Jonas Spangler on 10 March 1805.

Children of Sarah Sharp and Jonas Spangler
Sarah Spangler+
Mary Spangler+ d. 1893
Elizabeth Spangler+
Lydia Spangler+
Catherine Spangler+ b. 27 Sep 1798, d. 2 Jun 1863
George A. Spangler+ b. c 1804
Joseph K. Spangler+ b. c 1809, d. 1877
Peter Spangler+ b. 16 Oct 1809, d. 1 Jul 1873
John Spangler+ b. c 1817
Samuel Spangler+ b. 1820, d. 1892
Jonas Spangler+ b. c 1830

Susan Sharp (F)

     Susan Sharp married Columbus B. Morrison, son of David Morrison and Helen Shreve.


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