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Susannah Rebecca Shenk (F)
b. 15 September 1863
Pop-up Pedigree

     Susannah Rebecca Shenk was born on 15 September 1863. She was the daughter of John Shenk and Caroline Dellinger. Susannah Rebecca Shenk married Ed Maus.


William Ezra Shenk (M)
b. 27 March 1876, d. 18 January 1931
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Ezra Shenk was born on 27 March 1876 at Pennsylvania. He was the son of Daniel Martin Shenk and Sarah Ann Hollinger. William Ezra Shenk married Edith (?) on 5 May 1904. William Ezra Shenk died on 18 January 1931 at San Rafael, Marin Co., California, at age 54.


Mary Shenton (F)

     Mary Shenton married Jonathan Zane, son of Nathanial Zane and Grace Jane Rakestraw, on 28 April 1728.


(?) Shepard1 (M)
b. circa 1896

     He married Cleo Lonas. (?) was born circa 1896.


  1. [S36] Dellinger - Andrick Family Group Sheet, Grimm, Robinson & Turley.

Edith Shepard (F)

     She married J. Rice Smith Colonel.

Child of Edith Shepard and J. Rice Smith Colonel
Edith Byrd Smith+ b. 20 Dec 1885, d. 1 Jan 1914

Elizabeth Shepard (F)
b. circa 1824, d. circa 1847

     Elizabeth Shepard was born circa 1824. She married John Spangler, son of Joseph Spangler Jr. and Barbara Bentzly, on 26 November 1841 at Macon Co., Illinois. Elizabeth Shepard died circa 1847. She was buried at Spangler Cemetery, Decatur, Macon Co., Illinois.


Herbert Avenelle Shepard (M)

     He married Eliza Elizabeth (?).


Jacob Shepard (M)

     Jacob Shepard married LaDama Hankins, daughter of John R. Hankins and Elizabeth Jane Elliott, on 2 November 1899.


Jane Bringham Shepard (F)

     She married Samuel Shigley at Tippecanoe Co., Indiana, on 18 February 1864.

Elizabeth Shephard (F)
b. 1841, d. 23 December 1917
Pop-up Pedigree

     Elizabeth was born in 1841. She was the daughter of William Shepherd and Janet (?). She married William Turner Moffet Dr. in 1872. Elizabeth died on 23 December 1917 at Xenia, Greene Co., Ohio. Her body was interred at Somonauk Twp., DeKalb Co., Illinois, at Oak Mound Cemetery.


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