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Ralph Edwin Shigley (M)
b. 17 September 1882, d. 24 November 1964
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     Ralph was born at Hart, Oceana Co., Michigan, on 17 September 1882. He was the son of Lafayette Fremont Shigley and Elizabeth Celia Pringle. He married Janette Ethel Newton at Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minnesota, on 28 May 1912. Ralph died on 24 November 1964 at Minot, Ward Co., North Dakota, at age 82.


Ray W. Shigley (M)
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     Ray W. Shigley was the son of Joel Martin Shigley and Addie (?). He married Gladys (?).


Raymond Shigley Sr. (M)
b. December 1887
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     Raymond Shigley Sr. was born in December 1887. He was the son of Jacob Harvey Shigley and Martha Warwick Lynch. Raymond Shigley Sr. married Mabel Goochenour.


Children of Raymond Shigley Sr. and Mabel Goochenour
Joseph Edward Shigley Sr.+
Donald Thomas Shigley+
Raymond William Shigley Jr.+

Raymond William Shigley Jr. (M)
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     Raymond William Shigley Jr. was the son of Raymond Shigley Sr. and Mabel Goochenour. Raymond William Shigley Jr. married Anna Margaret Mayfield.


Rebecca Ann Shigley (F)
b. 28 April 1835, d. 3 September 1916
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     Rebecca was born at Indiana on 28 April 1835. She was the daughter of John L. Shigley and Anne Malone. She married John Charles Vencill at Tippecanoe Co., Indiana, on 9 September 1858. Rebecca died on 3 September 1916 at Tippecanoe Co., Indiana, at age 81.


Children of Rebecca Ann Shigley and John Charles Vencill
Ida May Vencill
Edith Estelle Vencill+
Elizabeth Jane Vencill+
Karie Vencill
Nora Bell Vencill+

Rhoda Shigley (F)
b. 10 July 1830, d. 16 March 1844
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     Rhoda was born at Ohio on 10 July 1830. She was the daughter of George Shigley and Olivet Franklin. Rhoda died on 16 March 1844 at Ohio at age 13. Her body was interred in March 1844 at Ross Twp., Greene Co., Ohio, at Bethel Cemetery. Bethel Cemetery is located on the west side of the South Charleston Rd. near Gordon Rd..


Robert Shigley (M)
b. 1833, d. 27 April 1865
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     Lived in Carroll Co., Indiana prior to the Civil War. MILITARY SERVICE: Served in the Civil War. DIED: aboard the ship "Sultana." SOURCE: "Tenting Tonight: The Soldier's Life" by James I. Robertson, Jr, published by Time-Life Books, 1984. "Last Voyage of the Sultana "On April 24, 1865, the side-wheeler Sultana departed Vicksburg on the Mississippi River, bound for Cairo, Illinois, with 2,100 freed Federal prisoners of war crammed onto her decks. It was a risky undertaking. The Sultana was designed to carry only 376 passengers and crew. To make things worse, one of her boilers began leaking and twice required repairs as the ship churned north against a powerful, flood-stage current. Scarely an hour after the Sultana left Memphis astern early on the morning of April 27, catastrophe struck: The patched boiler burst in a shuddering explosion that ripped through the ship and shot a pillar of orange flame into the sky. Men asleep on the boiler deck were hurled into the air; they fell back into scalding water on deck or landed in the cold, swirling Mississippi. Coals from the ruptured furnances helped spread the fire. One soldier saw men "tossing their arms wildly in the arm, and rushing pell-mell" over the guardrail into the river. Another recalled the passengers "jumping from all parts of the boat into the water, until seemed black with men." Hundreds of prisoners, enfeebled by disease and starvation, lacked the strength to swim ashore; others simply by not know how. The Sultana became a floating inferno. "The whole heavens seemed to be lighted up by the conflagration" wrote a survivor. Yet still some hung on. The men who feared the water more than the fire clung to the rails, another witness reported, "until they were singoff off like flies. Shrieks and cries for mercy were all that could be heard, and that awful morning reminded me of the storied of doomsday of my childhood." By 3:15 a.m., no one on board the Sultana was alive. The ship continued to burn for another five hours before sinking in a plumeof smoke and hissing steam. When dawn came, rescue craft picked up men clucking onto anything that would float - cabin furniture, hay bales, mule carcasses, even human bodies. Truman Smith of the 8th Michigan Cavalry spotted four men riding downstream on the roots of a tree; they were singing "The Star-Spangled Banner." Over the next few weeks, bodies were fished from the river as far away as Helena, Arkansas, 120 miles downstream. The disaster had claimed some 1,700 victims - men who had survived the horrors of Confederate prison camps only to perish within a two-day journey of their Midwestern homes." Robert was born at Carroll Co., Indiana, in 1833. He was the son of Jacob R. Shigley and Sarah Hurley. He married Sarah More on 12 August 1858. Robert died on 27 April 1865 at Mississippi River, Tennessee.

Children of Robert Shigley and Sarah More
Lucy A. Shigley b. 27 Jan 1860, d. 25 Feb 1928
Clay Morton Shigley b. 1 May 1862, d. 27 Apr 1923

Robert Shigley (M)
b. 6 July 1828, d. 1884
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     Robert was born at Ohio on 6 July 1828. He was the son of William Lord Shigley and Cynthia Ann Simpson. He married Elizabeth Butts. Robert Shigley married Mary Holeman on 24 March 1853 at Pulaski Co., Indiana. Robert died in 1884 at Oklahoma.

Child of Robert Shigley and Elizabeth Butts
Alfred Shigley b. 1850, d. 1885

Children of Robert Shigley and Mary Holeman
Alonzo Shigley+ b. 8 Apr 1854, d. 12 Mar 1927
Aaron Shigley b. c 1856
Albert Shigley+ b. 9 Mar 1859, d. 12 Oct 1937
Augustina Shigley b. 1867
Thurgah "Thursie" Shigley b. 1870
Evaline Shigley b. 1875
Cynthia Shigley b. 1877

Robert B. Shigley (M)
b. 8 January 1799, d. 1879
Pop-up Pedigree

     Robert was born at Harpers Ferry, Jefferson Co., West Virginia, on 8 January 1799. He was the son of John L. Shigley and Barbara Potts. He married Nancy Flood at Greene Co., Ohio, on 8 September 1820. Robert was listed as the head of a family on the 1850 Census at Pike Twp., Clark Co., Ohio. Robert died in 1879 at Morristown, Rice Co., Minnesota.


Children of Robert B. Shigley and Nancy Flood
Barbara Ann Shigley b. 30 May 1821
Frederick J. Shigley+ b. 1824
Robert B. Shigley Jr.+ b. 1826
Nancy Jane Shigley b. 1829
Jonathan Shigley+ b. c 1835
Mary Effy Shigley b. c 1836
John J. Shigley b. c 1837, d. 13 May 1864
Rachel J. Shigley+ b. c 1839
George W. Shigley+ b. c 1842
Lewis Shigley+ b. 11 Oct 1843
Noah Shigley+ b. 11 Oct 1843

Robert B. Shigley Jr. (M)
b. 1826
Pop-up Pedigree

     Robert B. Shigley Jr. was born in 1826 at Greene Co., Ohio. He was the son of Robert B. Shigley and Nancy Flood. Robert B. Shigley Jr. married an unknown person on 10 January 1859 at Tippecanoe Co., Indiana.


Children of Robert B. Shigley Jr.
John Louis Shigley b. 12 Oct 1853, d. 1 Apr 1923
Jennie Barbara Shigley b. 1856
Amanda Shigley b. 1859
Hattie Shigley b. 1864
Charles Shigley b. 1867
Ettie Shigley b. 1872

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