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Rosa Ellen Shipp1,2 (F)
b. 27 July 1844, d. 12 July 1912
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rosa Ellen Shipp was born on 27 July 1844 at Centerville, Crawford Co., Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Thomas Shipp and Mary Smith. She married John Albert Dellinger at Centerville, Crawford Co., Pennsylvania, on 17 June 1860. Rosa Ellen Shipp died on 12 July 1912 at Chase, Rice Co., Kansas, at age 67.


Children of Rosa Ellen Shipp and John Albert Dellinger
Mary Alice Dellinger b. 16 Jun 1862, d. 19 May 1907
John Scott Dellinger+ b. 16 Jul 1865, d. 25 Dec 1932
William Henry Dellinger+ b. 15 Sep 1867, d. 27 Sep 1938
Leah Elsie Dellinger b. 6 Dec 1869, d. 9 Aug 1913
George Dellinger b. c 1871, d. 1872
Anna Elizabeth Dellinger b. 24 Mar 1873, d. 8 Jul 1947
Charles Arthur Dellinger+ b. 16 Mar 1876, d. 5 May 1962
Rosa Ellen Dellinger+ b. 13 Sep 1878, d. 30 Mar 1950
Michael Edgar Dellinger+ b. 1 Jun 1881
Bertha Olive Dellinger+ b. 22 Nov 1883
Hubert Ivan Dellinger+ b. 17 Jun 1885, d. 1964


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Ruth A. Shipp (F)

     Ruth A. Shipp married Charles L. Ryman on 26 March 1899 at Shenandoah Co., Virginia.

Child of Ruth A. Shipp and Charles L. Ryman
Gilbert Godfrey Ryman+ b. 28 Apr 1905, d. 3 May 1962

Thomas Shipp (M)
b. 27 September 1797, d. 4 December 1863

     Thomas Shipp was born on 27 September 1797. He married Mary Smith. Thomas Shipp died on 4 December 1863 at age 66. He was buried in December 1863 at Huntsdale Brethren Church Cemetery, Penn Twp., Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania.


Child of Thomas Shipp and Mary Smith
Rosa Ellen Shipp+ b. 27 Jul 1844, d. 12 Jul 1912

Jane Shippley (F)

     She married O. R. Hayes.


Child of Jane Shippley and O. R. Hayes
William T. Hayes+ b. 20 Nov 1907

Imogene Lenora Shippy (F)
b. 26 September 1881

     Imogene was born on 26 September 1881. She married Virgil Watt Mitchell.


Bernhard Shireman1 (M)

     Bernhard Shireman married Catharine Voltz, daughter of Johann Martin Voltz and Anna Margaretha (?).



  1. Last name has also been spelled: Sherman and Scheurmann.

Henry Shireman (M)
b. 18 December 1823
Pop-up Pedigree

     Henry Shireman was born on 18 December 1823. He was the son of Michael Shireman and Elizaabeth Shuford. Henry Shireman married Maria Deturk on 13 April 1854 at Morgan Co., Indiana.

Michael Shireman (M)
b. 1783

     Michael Shireman was born in 1783. He married Elizaabeth Shuford, daughter of Daniel Shuford and Mary Elizabeth Ramsour, on 15 April 1807. Michael Shireman was migration in 1835 at Morgan Co., Indiana; Michael moved his family to Morgan Co., Indiana in 1835.

Child of Michael Shireman and Elizaabeth Shuford
Henry Shireman b. 18 Dec 1823

Samuel Marion Shirer (M)
b. 8 January 1881, d. 1951

     Samuel was born on 8 January 1881. Samuel died in 1951.

(?) Shires1 (M)

     He married Barbara Strutt.


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