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John Shuford Sr. (M)
b. 1723, d. 8 June 1790

     John Shuford Sr. was born in 1723 at Germany. He emigrated on 28 September 1733 from Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania; John or as he is also known as, Johannes, accompanied his father and mother to Philadelphia aboard the ship "Richard and Elizabeth," which landed on 28 Sept. 1733. He grew up and married in Pennsylvania. He married Mary Clare Conrad in 1743 at Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania. John Shuford Sr. was migration in 1755 at North Carolina; John settled with his family in what is now southern Catawba Co. on the South Fork River. He was John prospered as cattle farmer. At North Carolina. He died on 8 June 1790 at North Carolina.

Children of John Shuford Sr. and Mary Clare Conrad
Sarah Shuford d. 8 Apr 1786
John Martin Shuford+ b. 1744, d. 22 Jun 1780
Gartrout Shuford+ b. c 1746, d. 8 Oct 1779
Anna Maria Shuford+ b. 30 Mar 1748, d. b 1788
John Shuford Jr.+ d. 1782
Catreena Shuford+ b. c 1752, d. 1797
George Shuford+ b. 5 Aug 1754, d. 10 Feb 1825
Philip Shuford b. c 1757, d. 28 Apr 1768
Daniel Shuford+ b. 1759, d. 3 Jun 1834
David Shuford+ b. 18 May 1761, d. 28 Aug 1828
Jacob Shuford+ b. c 1765, d. 1828
Mary Magdalene Shuford+ b. 6 Dec 1767, d. 18 Dec 1842

Joseph Shuford (M)
b. 5 August 1808, d. 18 January 1854
Pop-up Pedigree

     Joseph Shuford was born on 5 August 1808. He was the son of Martin Shuford and Elizabeth Rhyne. Joseph Shuford married Cynthia L. Mauney on 8 April 1835. Joseph Shuford died on 18 January 1854 at age 45.

Katherine Elizabeth Shuford (F)
b. 17 May 1832, d. 19 November 1887
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     Katherine Elizabeth Shuford was born on 17 May 1832. She was the daughter of Ephraim Shuford and Susan Hoyle. Katherine Elizabeth Shuford married William Austin Clarke on 13 December 1853. Katherine Elizabeth Shuford died on 19 November 1887 at age 55; Katherine died from being kicked by a horse.

Lawson Alexander Shuford (M)
b. 5 May 1827, d. 14 May 1893
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lawson Alexander Shuford was born on 5 May 1827. He was the son of John Shuford and Elizabeth Kistler. Lawson Alexander Shuford married Mary Elizabeth Avery on 21 August 1849. Lawson Alexander Shuford died on 14 May 1893 at age 66.

Levada Pearl Shuford (F)
b. 10 September 1900, d. 25 April 1982
Pop-up Pedigree

     Levada Pearl Shuford was born on 10 September 1900.1,2 She was the daughter of Wylie Albert Shuford and Sarah Jane Dellinger. Levada Pearl Shuford married William Clarence Dellinger, son of John Perry Dellinger and Mary Ellen Henson.1,2 Levada Pearl Shuford died on 25 April 1982 at age 81.1,2 She was buried in April 1982 at Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery, Cherryville, Gaston Co., North Carolina.

Children of Levada Pearl Shuford and William Clarence Dellinger
Clarence Roy Dellinger+
Harvey Shuford Dellinger+ 1,2
Bertha Dellinger 1,2
Everett Paul Dellinger 2
Harold Glenn Dellinger 2


  1. [S53] Dellinger - Kattermann, Donald F. Billet.
  2. [S142] Descendants of Valentin Dellinger, Billet, Dellinger, et al.

Lewis W. Shuford (M)
b. circa 1810
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lewis W. Shuford was born circa 1810. He was the son of Daniel W. Shuford and Elizabeth Savitz. Lewis W. Shuford married Margaret (?) after 1830.

Lorena Mira Shuford (F)
b. 14 June 1824, d. 4 December 1900
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lorena Mira Shuford was born on 14 June 1824. She was the daughter of David Shuford and Sarah Orr. Lorena Mira Shuford married Enoch Lafayette Cunningham on 24 August 1848. Lorena Mira Shuford died on 4 December 1900 at age 76.

Margaret E. Shuford (F)
b. 26 January 1834, d. 19 November 1894
Pop-up Pedigree

     Margaret never married and lived with her brother William. Margaret E. Shuford was born on 26 January 1834. She was the daughter of Henry Shuford and Ann "Annie" Nina Warlick. Margaret E. Shuford died on 19 November 1894 at age 60.

Martha Jane Shuford (F)
b. 16 March 1844, d. 3 February 1896
Pop-up Pedigree

     Martha Jane Shuford was born on 16 March 1844. She was the daughter of George Philip Shuford and Anna Eliza Baker. Martha Jane Shuford married Leroy Robinson Whitener on 12 January 1866. Martha Jane Shuford died on 3 February 1896 at age 51.

Martin Shuford (M)
b. 1 August 1776, d. 1836
Pop-up Pedigree

     Martin Shuford was born on 1 August 1776. He was the son of John Martin Shuford and Eve Catherine Warlick. Martin Shuford married Elizabeth Rhyne, daughter of Thomas Rhyne and Barbara Wise. Martin Shuford died in 1836.

Children of Martin Shuford and Elizabeth Rhyne
George Shuford
Martin Shuford
Sarah "Sallie" Shuford d. 12 May 1891
Clara Shuford
Elizabeth Shuford
Barbara Shuford
Phillip W. Shuford b. 9 Mar 1801, d. 1869
Thomas R. Shuford b. 1 Jan 1803, d. 1866
Joseph Shuford b. 5 Aug 1808, d. 18 Jan 1854
Jacob Rhyne Shuford b. 12 Feb 1810, d. 20 Mar 1878

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